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Question about finding Social Groups

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Is there a simple way to find the Social Groups?

I belong to one group and have it bookmarked. I can't even remember all the steps it took me to get there in the first place. I don't see any direct link in the forum drop-down list. It doesn't show up in my User Control Panel. If I go to a message I've posted previously and click on my own avatar, there is a link in my Public Profile. However, I don't see it in my profile when I click on Edit Profile in the CP.

I also do not get any notification when there is a new post in the Social Group, and don't see any place to turn on this option.

It seems like the Social Groups would be used a lot more if they were easier to find.
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On the Quick Links menu, select My Profile. Social Groups are the last box on the right at the bottom.
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Okay, thanks. Now how do I direct others who have not joined the group to find it? So far I've added a direct link in a post, but that only works for those who read that specific message.

Is there any way people who are just browsing through the forums can locate the Social Groups? I came across that area almost by accident, probably when I checked my profile at some point, but don't really remember now.
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You can click on the link about members and invite people to it
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I clicked on the link and it looks like a can only invite specific members. That's assuming that I know who would be interested.

I just thought it would be nice to have a visible link, something like the forums and sub-forums. It appears that Social Groups is a fairly new feature on TCS since all of the current ones were created in the last few months and none has more than 6 members. They just aren't advertised very much.

I stumbled across them at some point, probably when I was checking my own profile. How many people actually look at their own profiles?
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I look at mine all the time, because I don't subscribe to posts and click on all posts by me on my profile link
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