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"Cat Grass"

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I know there's a special type of grass that you should have for your indoor cats to eat... but I have no idea what it is. I went to a Garden Store earlier, and asked one of the helpers there but he just looked at me as if I were crazy and told me that he had no idea what I was talking about... ^^"

I am right, aren't I? If Mackerel's going to be an indoor cat then I need to give her access to some special grass that she can eat to help her pass hairballs and such? Roughage?

Please help. I want to go back to the same store with all the info I can so I can shove it back in the snide man's face. XD

Just kidding. I just don't want to look like an idiot at the next place I go to, lol.
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Petsmart sells Cat Grass and Cat Nip.
I bought both and they liked it.
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I live in Australia. No Petsmart here. XD But thanks for the help.
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Let me see if I can find what kind of grass it was.
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I just have the Tag to the Catnip sorry.
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That'd be wonderful. I'm going to a mega pet store this afternoon to pick up a cat tower and a covered litterbox for Mack, and I might ask them about it if no one here can help, so don't stress about it. I can figure it out, I'm sure. XD
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Originally Posted by mews2much View Post
I just have the Tag to the Catnip sorry.
No worries. I'll ask the people at the pet supply store.
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Kitty likes the cat grass, but cant digest it...weird cat. You can buy wheat grass or cat grass ready to use, or plant the little seed packets.

Neithger of my cats like live cat nip. The plant is really pretty in my kitchen though.
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Haha, contrary cats, eh?

I just got back from the pet supply store... and they don't carry any cat grass or cat nip either. The woman I spoke to says that I should be able to ask for cat grass at any good nursery or garden store and have them know what I mean. I guess I'll try again sometime soon. ^^"
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I get Oat or Wheat grass seeds from the health food shop and grow my own. I know Bunnings sells it already grown but it's around $9, growing from seed is much cheaper.
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Thanks Missy, I'll head out to Bunnings soon. Hopefully they'll have some for me.
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We buy wheat grass and grow it at home. It grows pretty fast but doesn't last more than 2 weeks before you need to start over. It is much cheaper to buy it and grow it yourself.
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I bought a tub of Cat grass from a pet store and they liked to jump in it more than eat it! im pritty sure you could get some off the internet,
found this site maybe you could give it a go.
becky x x
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Any biological matter I tried to import into Australia would be confiscated, unfortunately. They're really really strict about that here.

Thanks for your help, though.
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I buy the seeds and grow it myself. My cats weren't impressed with the store bought stuff, but love it homegrown.

2 of mine don't care for live catnip, but our kitten likes it. I have a giant pot of it that my Mom dug out of her garden before they moved out of state.
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