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fat cat in a small cats body!

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so Mushroom, a petite, slender Siamese is seriously a Fat Cat in a small Cats body. She gets fed a small amount of Science Diet biccies in the mornings. Then she gets 2 chicken necks at night with a tiny amount of biccies. I can't cook without her getting under my feet and meowing the whole time, she gets on the benches too. Although she has learnt 'OUT!' and will leave the kitchen when I yell it, then she comes straight back in, wanting food! When we eat at the table she knows she's not allowed up but will jump onto the bench and lick chopping boards/plates etc anything she can, not only do I not want her doing this because it's naughty, I dont want her to lick a knife or even lick something she shouldn't consume! I am not sure what to do, I don't want to just FEED her everytime she meows I dont even know if she is doing this because she's hungry. I have tried feeding her when we eat, but she CRIES for food at 6pm and we can't get dinner ready that early. I have also tried feeding her half at 6pm and half when we eat, it hasn't helped. How do I stop her from CONSTANTLY wanting and meowing for food and wanting what we are preparing and eating?
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I would leave some food out and available to her all day for a few days. Monitor how much she realy eats if unlimited food is there. Then you will know if you are feeding her enough, or she is justa begger.
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Is your cat actually fat though? If not, I don't see any harm in giving kitty a bit more food. Most cats I believe, but certainly not all cats self regulate their food. Mine is not fat and he doesn't over eat. He always has food out when I am at work. I would try to feed kitty a bit more on the assumption that it is hunger, my cat does the same if he is hungry. He suddenly has a huge interest in what is on my dinner plate or the kitchen work top When he gets fed he's not bothered about our food again. If your cats weight does increase then reduce the food.
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Sounds to me like she is hungry. How much are you feeding her in ounces per day. Our little Mika is tiny but eats a lot. I'm assuming since she isn't gaining weight she must need the food.
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Two small portions of kibbles, and 2 chicken necks doesn't sound much to me, so i'd say she was hungry as well
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How old is she? Kittens needs 2-3 times as much food as adult cats. Also, if she's very active she may be needing more than you give her.
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Aww thanks guys. No she isn't fat at all, so I will start increasing her food. If I put food out, she will eat it all at once, so I might even get her one of those toy balls that she has to play with to get the food out to play with during the day. I will increase her amount of dry in the mornings and give her a little more dinner and see how that goes. Thanks very much
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That really isn't a lot of food, so no wonder she is begging. You might also find she benefits from some wet instead of one of her dry meals, it might satisfy her more, and Science Diet isn't the best dry food around, so she might feel fuller on something else.
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Hey another chicken neck feeder. My kitties main diet is chicken necks along with livers,beef and other tasty things. 2 skinned chicken necks weigh roughly 3oz. Cats in the wild need about 5 oz of mice a day to survive. So I would say with the necks you have fulfilled at least half of his food for the day. Since we don't know how much dry you are feeding its hard to say whether he's getting enough food a day. I would imagine that he is. A rough guideline for feeding can food is 5.5oz a day for a cat weighing 8-10lbs.

All of my cats eat 6oz a day of raw and no more. They will beg at times, especially at the 11th hour between meals, but they are all maintaining a good weight.
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I have the same problem with the begging, except my Snickers is a fat cat in a fat cat's body! She's 14 lbs to be exact!

She will wake me up in the morning to feed her by jumping up on the bed and meowing in my face. And then literally lead me to the kitchen by walking over to it and stopping along the way and looking behind her to make sure I'm following. Whenever me or my fiancee even enters the kitchen she'll come running in over to the cupboard door where her treats are and start meeping. I'm trying not to reinforce this behavior, so I don't feed her whenever she meeps for food, but it doesn't deter her. It can be both cute and annoying at the same time, but she's supposed to be on a diet so I can't succumb to her cuteness or her whining like a baby!
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Science Diet is not a very good food and with less than quality foods your cat will need to eat much more of it to get the same nutrition so that's possibly one reason she seems to need more. Those of us who have changed to a quality food find they eat less because they get what they need in less volume.

I don't recall how old you said she was, but if she is still a kitten she needs as much food as she will eat. Possibly the reason she immediately eats everything you put out right away is that 1) she's hungry; and 2) she's afraid the next meal may not come and she'll be hungry again.
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