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coool i really did not expect there to be that many places with
cats and dogs around!!!
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I know of a local feed store that has a resident cat and also a stable. But other than that most shops around here don't.
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I have encountered many shop kitties..."most" were pet shop, or veterinary clinic shop kitties though...not a lot of businesses are allowed to have pets in the business around here. I have seen lots of garage kitties though (think junk yards and auto shops).

I haven't been to too many 'shop' type places here in the Twin Cities, though, since moving here in Jan. so there might be more in this neck of the woods (I grew up in Northern MN, on 'da range!)
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There's a small business (not sure what it was, maybe furniture or decorator) that used to have a big very fluffy white cat in the window at night lounging on the floor or in the chairs.
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My boyfriend and I just got back from the Steam Railroading Institute in Owosso, Michigan. It's a museum and a rail yard where they restore old locomotives and rail cars. They have the Pere Marquette 1225 - which is the model for the Polar Express!!

Anyway - they have a shop cat named Cinders - a dark brown lynx point kitty. She stopped to say hello, but didn't hang around very long. I got to pat her on the head.
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