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How many litter boxes?

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Hi All,

Does each cat need its own litterbox, or can 2 cats share?

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I would at least have 2
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really depends on the cats. my original 2 [littermates] shared a box happily for 7 years. i didn't get a 2nd box until i got my 3rd cat. altho current wisdom is 1 per cat + 1 extra, i currently have 4 boxes & 5 cats, & it usually works ok. i do have automated boxes, tho, so there's almost always a clean box for any 'picky' cats.
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I agree it depends on the cats, and also the size of your box. I have 3 sharing one box - a large storage container.

When we lived with my sister and her cats there were 10 cats happily sharing one storage box.
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I have four cats 2 30 gallon tubs and five 18 gallon tubs
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I have two litter boxes for my one kitty. He loves having two and I get the really super size ones. I realised that any smaller and he doesn't have room to move around and scrap about. I have to say that I have no problems with him scattering litter all over the floor either, and he's a longish hair. If I get another cat I would get at least another box. My kitty loved it when he gort his second box Bless his gorgeous little heart.
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Yes generally 1 per cat plus 1, my three all generally prefer to share one for some reason, even though there are two trays, just depends on the cats I suppose.
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Thanks everyone I'll get a second one and go from there.
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Depends on the cats. I'd have 2 pans for 2 cats. If they tend to both use one of them and not the other, you can eliminate one pan. But keep it just in case they change their minds

When I was breeding the rexes, we had 3 pans outside the big cage and one inside the cage. And had 6 adult cats - they had no problems sharing the 4 pans.
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My 3 cats are very flexible, they'd go in same box if needed. (Like when we are at the cabin we just take one for travel). Most of the time we have the amount of cats+1 system in place but I have 3-5 for 3 cats depending what is the cleaning cycle.
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I live in a small apartment, and my two littermates share one litterbox fine. When they were smaller, they would almost get in together. Now, they don't seem to have any difficulty sharing the one.

Admittedly, I COULD fit another one somewhere, I just don't want to! Not going to fix what is not broken. If problems start, I will get another one!

Just make sure you clean it often (daily, if not twice daily)!
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I agree with others, it depends on the kitties. I have 4 and 2 oversize boxes. I had a third but it never got used so I took it up.
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Originally Posted by bbleho View Post
Hi All,

Does each cat need its own litterbox, or can 2 cats share?

I know that I will be in the minority here, but my 2 cats share the same box. Not only that, we live in a three story house and the single litter box is on the first floor. Our bedrooms are on the third floor and they go down to the box when needed and have never ever had a single miss.

I did not make up my mind about this beforehand. I told DW that it was probable we would need two boxes. However, they proved me wrong and I am so very happy about that.
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One box would never survive in this household. Jack is very particular about his box--at least since Harley joined us. We are a two box household and will remain so.

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We have two boxes for two cats. They almost ALWAYS use the same box but every few days or so someone will use the second box.

I just want to be sure that if one kitty is using a box and the other kitty has to "go" that there is a free box available for it.
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