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Soft Paws

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do any of you use these on your cats? if so, how often do you ch ange them or do you have to change them so often? and also, do you
put them on or does the vet? thanks for any advice!
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i read and researched about soft paws once.. it sounds like ladies wearing fake nails... funny!

i think if kitties have short and nicely trimmed nails, there is very little need for soft paws. Oh well... just sharing personally.

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but, it usually takes two people. It is very simple if your kitty will co-operate! trim the nails, place a dot of glue inside the nail tip, slide it onto the kitties nail. I will last for a while depending on how often your kitty scratches and sharpens it's nails.
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I've tried everything to get Lola to stop scratching the furniture, and clipping her claws doesn't help either.

I took her in to get Soft Paws this morning, and she seems to love them! She's prancing around like Miss Thing and stretching out her paws to admire them.

I hope this means she leaves them on!
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i saw pix of Softpaws over the net. They have them in so many colors... just like painted ladies' nails...
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Danielle you need to check them periodically. Because although they buffer the claws, they do not stop them from growing, so you want to be careful and make sure they fit and that there are no problems with the fit.
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