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I'm a little nervous

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I found a hard lump on my back a few months ago. It has double in size with in the last few weeks. I am getting it removed tomorrow. The doctor is unsure what the lump is. I am really worried what it may be . My father died of cancer. My mother also had cancer. I know it may be nothing, but I am worried anyway.
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I hope the surgery goes well, and that it's NOT cancer.
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Many vibes it's nothing
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Tons of vibes all goes well for your surgery and tons of vibes that it's not cancer...
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Lots of vibes for a positive outcome and a speedy recovery!
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More vibes coming your way for a positive outcome
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Vibes for a positive outcome keep us updated
Jess x
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I know it's hard because i was terrified when i went for my mammogram after losing my brother to cancer in June It could be something as simple as a cyst or a torn ligament which is what my friends mother still has after she fell a couple of months ago.

Lots of healthy coming over
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Lots of positive vibes for you!!!
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Lots of healthy vibes from me, too!
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Lots of prayers and vibes that it isn't cancer.
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Sending vibes for an easy surgery and a perfectly harmless diagnosis...
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I hope that it isn't what you think it is and that all will be better after the surgery. Sending vibes
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The lump has been removed. The doctor doesn't think it's cancerous. He sent it away for testing. It was a lot deeper than he thought. So I have disolvable stitches inside and about 12 non disolvable ones on the outside. I am a little sore today. but relieved . I will find out the results on the 21st.
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Sending out mega healthy vibes- it's not cancer vibes. Good Luck.
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Sending lots of your way! I hope it isn't Cancer!
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Sending lots of good vibes your way!
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