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Furrari needs some TS get wel vibes

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Furrari has been to the vet three times in the last week for diarrhea and a goopy eye. The eye has responded well to the ointment his vet gave me but the loose stools have not.

First he was on metronidazole - didn't work. Took him in again and he got an injection for nausea. Helped his appetite alittle. Now he's on Clavamox and Pro-Pectalin (started yesterday). I've, also, been giving him extra sub-q's to keep him hydrated.

It has been hard to get him to eat, but tonight he ate 1/2 a 5 oz. can of Authority chicken. His vet said feed him whatever he will eat, as long as he eats. He eats most of it and will eat more if I sit with him and tell him what wonderful boy he is.

We need good vibes to help get this under control. I hate seeing my old man cat feeling bad. By the way, Miss Anna checks him over and cleans his ears after he gets his meds.
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sending my & for Furrari!
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healing vibes for sweetie-pie Furrari!!!

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Try feeding him plain boiled chicken with rice (no seasoning) . The rice will help his tummy, too. Sending many vibes his way
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Many Prayers and for Furrari
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Oh No Well I know clavamox can cause diarrhea and vomiting in some cats Many get well vibes for your baby
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Well, his vet has him on Clavamox for diarrhea due to a bacterial overgrowth. I hope it does't make things worse.

Furrari is not speaking to me right now. I gave him his meds so he's off moping in the bedroom.

He ate another 1/2 can of cat food this morning so his appetite is improving. When I scooped the litter boxes there was still loose stools but not as much as yesterday. Maybe things are firming up and will get better.

Furrari has early CRF so anything that can cause him to dehydrate like diarrhea or vomiting is a really big deal health wise.

We thank you all for the wonderful vibes.
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Buster, Holly Golightly, and I send Furrari some good vibes

Get well soon, Furrari!
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Coco gets sick from Clavamox and is on Baytril right now.
The Clavamox would make her feel very bad.
Is there something else they can give him.
They said my Coco has Crf now also.
I hope he feels better.
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Java had an intestinal bacterial overgrowth. took 2 round of antibiotics [i'm pretty sure 2 different ones, too] plus a round of probiotics [bene-bac] to completely heal her.
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Poo this morning is setting up more like firm pudding! (Isn't it funny/weird how exited pet owners get about poop?)

Furrari ate well and complained about the meds again. You know they're feeling better when they complain.

He will not eat chicken and rice or pumpkin. Sigh. Both of these would help but he refuses to eat them.

His vet gave (ok, sold) me some Pro-Pectalin for him. It has a probiotic and some other things in it to help his insides. Actually, I may go get some Bene-Bac for him - if I remember right it has more probiotics in it. I'll have to check.
Laureen thanks for the reminder.
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that's great news that his poop is better! and yes, we understand that totally!

sending lots more healing for your precious boy.
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