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Gift for a co-worker getting laid off, need ideas!

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I'm in a really sucky situation at work. My co-worker (who has been with our boss almost 4 years) is being laid off at the end of the month. They chose to keep me (though no one has actually said this, it's just pretty obvious) because I get paid less and I don't use the health benefits they have at work. (There are only the 2 of us besides the doctor's wife working there.)

My co-worker taught me everything (and most of it she had to learn on her own over the past year as the doctor's old group broke up for various reasons). She's now teaching me things I need to know for once she is gone!

I'm just devastated at the thought of it all (there's a lot of other details I won't go into here). DH told me to quit. If I knew they'd keep her if I was gone, I probably would have already. But since we know that won't happen, well I'm still working. Other than all this, I've really liked my job and they've been good and flexible people to work for.

So I want to get her something special to show her how much I've appreciated her and how much I'll miss her. So far I've thought of a Willow Tree Angel (but which one?) and a miniature rose bush (because I know she has a rose garden at home). I know it's really the wrong season for the bush, but I've gotten them in February before. But then when I got laid off from my old job, they gave me some potted flowers (and I don't like plants!). So that makes me not want to go that route.

Any ideas? What would you think if you were in her shoes? I know she will appreciate it coming from me (not so sure about our boss!), I just want it to be special. Here's a link to the Willow Tree website: http://www.willowtree.info/

Thanks in advance guys!
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Honestly, with her just being laid off, I would worry more about the things she will absolutely need. I would get her a gift card to a local gas station and a gift card to the grocery store. The maybe tie them up in a cute bow and put a few little shower gels or bath bombs with it so she can try and take a nice bath and unwind a bit.

My brother in law just got laid off last week as well (and thank God, found a wonderful job and got hired today) Tell her to keep her chin up- maybe put a nice encoraging card in the things for her too -she will find something soon I have no doubt Give her something that she can really use right now though since money may be tight for a bit. She will absolutely need food and gas if she has a car so even though I wouldn't normally do gift cards, I think that's one instance I would. I'd also put a few small things with them though maybe a few bath items or a nice piece of chocolate?

You're soo sweet to be trying to do something to cheer her up right now She's lucky to have such a kind friend! I'll pray she finds something soon!

In a side note- when I got laid off from my job a few months ago, it really upset me. The first thing I did was come home and go straight for a hot bubble bath with my favorite bath things...it helped me chill out a bit. That might help her too to have some relaxing little gifts.
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Oh, that is terrible. It is so sweet of you to worry about her now. I agree with gift cards. I would also suggest a gift card for a local restaurant so she can treat herself and her husband (or SO best friend...whoever). Bath things and candles are always good...and you can never miss with chocolate!
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I agree with the others perhaps something she can really put too good use along with a small frivolous item!!
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Do you think a more practical gift is kind of just highlighting the fact that I'm still working and she's loosing her job? (I got a Walmart gift card from my old company when they laid me off.) I think a restaurant one might be nice. She's married with a couple of kids (both in private school) and shares a big house with her parents and elderly Grandmother. Money will be very tight, especially with her medical bills. I think her Mom is semi-retired and her dad is fully retired at this point.

I like the idea of things for her to relax too. She needs them without all this extra stress! I'm sure she can get another job pretty easy with her good work history and what not. It's just that our boss has been very understanding with her frequent medical appointments (she has only missed 2 days of work since I've been there and she pretty much had to be forced into that. She always arranges the appointments for the days we don't have patients, and then makes up the time she misses.).
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I think if I was in her situation I'd be offended if someone gave me a gift card for essentials (but that's just me). I think a personal gift to say thanks for everything she's done is a wonderful idea The Willow Tree gifts are really nice, and a great way to show you care and are sorry for the situation.
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I personally think it's open to the person - maybe do a gift card & a personal gift as well?
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