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obsesed over pumpkin?

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heyy everyone!
im new to the site so let me introduce myself.
im mitch, and my kitten is almost 6 months now, his name is joey!

soo as everyone knows that halloween is right around the corner!
so i carved out a pumpkin. i keep it in my room for now because i live in an apartment.
and ever since then joey has been obsessed over this! he is sitting next to it and staring at right now. and he sleeps next to it, and once in a wile his head will look like hes following something?
its verry verry strange! and i would love to know why he is doing this?

please please pleasr respond!
thank you... =}
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Cats can be really strange sometimes. I don't think it's anything serious, maybe he just really likes the smell.
Let the kitty enjoy your pumpkin while he can.
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yeeah... i knew it wasnt anything serious...
i was just curious...
and it was goin on for like a week now... i would think he might have gotten bored with it!

but i just threw it out... ={
poor joe
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Canned pumpkin is healthy in samll doeses for cats (and humans). Very possible it smelled good to him.

A new object in you room is always going to be a source of interest. You should get another pumpkin!
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The last time I carved a pumpkin, 2 of my cats chewed up the cut out pieces like it was candy. It won't hurt them, so I let them have it.
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cool... =}
thanks a lot! i am goin to get hima a new pumpkin... =}
he just got newtered on saturday so hes recovering from that
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He's delusional and thinks the pumpkin is his mother?
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