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Urgent: Renal Failure as a result of antibiotic use?

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My 7 year old cat Muni is experiencing some very severe problems and I am unsure how to help her. A week or so ago we noticed a small lump on the side of her head, a recurrence from another lump she had some time ago. . The lump burst and we took her to the vet to ensure it was not infected.

The vet gave her some IV antibiotics (not sure which one) as well as pill form (Baytril) to heal the wound. Some time later, she began vomiting non-stop and became quite lethargic, stopped eating (this was 3 days ago) and using the litterbox. Upon examination, the vet noticed she had severe abdominal pain and he x rayed her, took some blood samples and ordered an ultrasound.

The xray revealed that her intestines where quite constipated, and this was also confirmed by the ultrasound. Her bloodwork showed a very high creatine level (6.5), which the vet explained indicates acute renal failure. She was prescribed an anti-nausea medication, ACE inhibitors and a acid inhibitor for her stomach.

Muni continues to drink water, but does not seem interested in food at all. I have been feeding her chicken and rice baby food via syringe (without onion), every four hours or so. She seemed to be a bit more alert this morning, but seems to be less so this evening. She is still not interested in food, and seems to be losing her interest in water as well. She has not used the litterbox in 3 days.

I am extremely worried about Muni and would appreciate any advice anyone can provide.

Has anyone heard of renal failure following antibiotic use?
Any other ideas of what might be going on??
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Coco is on Baytril and has Renal Failure but it is not from the Antibiotics.
She might have Crf.
What is her Bun?
Has she ever had a bladder infection?
Coco has been on antibiotics for a long time.
would you like a link to the Crf Group I joined last week?
Can you find out if she had Metacam?
That can cause Kidney problems.
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AGE and genetics are likely this most likely factor in kidney issues... an old vet told me about 5% of cats have renal issues by age 7 , most studies also show this
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Originally Posted by sharky View Post
AGE and genetics are likely this most likely factor in kidney issues... an old vet told me about 5% of cats have renal issues by age 7 , most studies also show this
I'm sorry this is a bit off-topic, but Sharky, I'm wondering -- can renal issues really be hereditary? I always thought diet played a bigger role in kidney health.... this is not good to hear.
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Sharky is right.
My Vet told me that when Stormy and Yoshi but had Kidney problems at age 5.
They bothe had the same dad and the vet said there might have been something on the fathers side taht made them prone to kidney problems.
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Mews2Much- i would love the link to the CRF group!

I am taking her back to the vet this morning to figure out what we can do to get her using the litterbox again. I will also ask whether she was given Metacam.

That you all for the information you sent. I am really hoping she can pull through this and recover. It is extremely heartbreaking to see my baby who just a few days ago was her playful, normal self, so apathetic and depressed.
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Here is a link to the Crf Group
I loss my Stormy to Arf at age 5 last Dec and she would drool and barf once in a while.
I thought it was Coco throwing up from coughing but it muts have been stormy all the time.
I am sure the antibiotics did not make your cat sick.
The people in the Crf Group can help alot.
They have been helping me with Coco.
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I took her back to the vet and she is being give IV fluids in the hopes that she will cause some movement in her bowels/bladder. The vet said she is presenting a lot better and that her symptoms continue to be inconsistent with her bloodwork. She is moving around and came to bed at night to snuggle and even jumped up on the tub. He is going to repeat the blood test and hopefully collect some urine so we can figure out what is going on with her.

I hope once she is peeing/pooing that she will feel better and continue improving. It is just such a mystery why she developed this all of a sudden, but i guess that is how renal failure presents.
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I never even knew Stormy had it until the day before she was pts.
Coco has alot of urine infections and she went to the Er Vet.
They did blood tests and she has kidney problems.
How long ago did your cat have blood tests?
Coco has the constipation also and its been going on for 2 years.
Has she peed at all?
Coco sometimes can not go for 3 days because the constipation.
She has Lax Aire for it.
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Just brought her back from the vet. After the IV fluids she was able to pee (finally!!), and has been given a laxative (micralax) as well. Its been about 4 days since her last movement.. The initial blood test was done Monday, but the vet wants to repeat it tomorrow to see if anything has changed.

The other thing i am worried about is her lack of interest in food- although i suspect this will improve once she has had a movement. I have been giving her baby food with a syringe, but am hoping she will eventually want to eat again on her own. Did Coco experience that as well? Any tips for getting her interested in eating?
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Coco is that way right now.
She will only eat a little.
Is your cat still on antibiotics?
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Technically yes, the vet gave her a shot that apparently works for 14 days.
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Coco had that shot but about 4 days later she started squating again in the pan and she is now on Baytril.
Sometimes the shot dosent work.
Midnight got the shot and has been ok.
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Good News! Muni finally had a bowel movement! She seems to be feeling better and was even purring a little bit! Hopefully she will continue having movement and will improve.

I am taking her to the vet again tomorrow for a repeat blood test. Hopefully it will be good news!
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Thats Good and i hope everything goes well.
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Originally Posted by CatGirlie101 View Post
Has anyone heard of renal failure following antibiotic use?
Any other ideas of what might be going on??
Yes, some antibiotics can effect the kidneys. My dog is currently on an injectable antibiotic, amikacin, which can cause kidney damage. Because of that she is on sub-q fluids which I have to give her when I give the antibiotics to support the kidneys and she is getting bloodwork and urinalysis weekly to be sure her kidneys are holding up.
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Three days of IV fluids have really helped Muni, and now her BUN and creatine levels have come down significantly. We are hoping that another few days will continue this trend..the only challenge right now is getting her to eat. She really is not interested in food at all, although her other behaviours are close to normal..

I am checking out CRF websites for tips, but if anything you've tried has worked, please let me know. I am continuing to force feed her but am hopeful she will begin to pick up eating again on her own eventually...
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I am not sure what to say about your cat not eating.
Coco hardly eats anything also.
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I have terrible news. My poor little baby is not doing very well. It's very strange, she was pulling through, her numbers were coming doing and she was doing well, was getting her energy back even drinking water on her own.

Last night she began to get lethargic again and would meow non-stop and had no control of her hind legs. We took her to the vet and he claims there is some kind of clot in her pancreas and around her body. I am so confused right because i dont understand how this could have happened. She was recovering, she was doing better and her numbers were almost down to normal levels and now she is basically in a coma.

They gave her some kind of blood thinning medication now in the hopes that it will help her wake up. But the vet is not very optimistic.

I am a mess and i dont know what to do. I dont want her to suffer --she is such a good kitty and has brought so much joy to my life and i dont want her to be in pain. But i also dont want to give up on her so quickly. She was doing fine yesterday, how is it possible that in less than 24 hours she has gone downhill so quickly.

I dont know what to do
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Stripe did that and went in a coma at the end and I had no choice but to have her pts.
I hope your cat will gte better.
Stripe was crf.
You sure she dosent have Crf?
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Muni passed away a few minutes ago. The vet said there was no hope she would recover and regain consciousness. I am relieved she is no longer in pain, but miss her terribly. She was such a good cat, and i dont understand how this could have happened.

RIP Muni- I will love you forever.
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So sorry about your cat.
You can pm if you need to talk.
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