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I wear my engagement ring and wedding band 24/7--they are soldered together. I also wear my diamond and ruby ring 24/7--instead of a class ring I chose a more feminine ruby ring that I'd actually wear to be my class ring.

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I wear my wedding ring and engagement ring 24/7! I am afraid of loosing them or something. My husband never takes off his wedding band either.
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I wear my wedding band almost all of the time. I only take it off when I'm showering and when I am doing the dishes.
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I wear three rings: wedding band, engagement ring, and solitaire wrap. When I'm working with fondant for cakes, I remove my engagement ring and wrap. In the (almost) two years I've been married, my wedding band has only come off once: for a bone density test they HAD to do on my left hand. I about cried. That was yesterday.

Other than that, the wedding band STAYS on and is never removed.

It's actually an heriloom. 18k gold band, plain, but it was my great-grandmother's ring. My mom was married with it (my dad bought her a fancy new one so she could give this one to me). I plan on passing it down either to my daughter (if we have one) or to a niece.

As much as I trust the institute of marriage, I'd rather a blood relative have it on her finger, than someone who is married in.
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Originally Posted by Persi & Alley View Post
You have probably heard a lot of "lines" that men have for not wearing their ring, but here is mine and it is true. DW bought me a most unusual ring and I never took it off for anything. Then I lost fifty pounds (which I have kept off) and it got to the point if I swung my hand to point in a direction, it would come flying off, at times it was quite hard to find. DW told me it would be better to put up the ring for a while (until I gained the weight back?) and then have it resized if necessary. That's my line and a pretty good one now that the Texas sun has taken care of the "tell tale" white band there used to be on my ring finger.
Hmmm... So now that you "fessed up," perhaps it's time to get it resized?

I'm another one who only wears my engagement and wedding ring and NEVER takes them off.
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I only take them off if I'm using my hands to make bread or mix meatloaf, etc.

But I do take them in to the jeweller every year around Christmas to have the setting checked to ensure they are still secure. I would hate to lose a diamond. My girlfriend lost the diamond out of her ring so now she also gets her ring checked every year.
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I have a lot of rings, but since my engagement/marriage, I usually only wear those rings or one DH gave me as gifts.

I end up removing my rings more than I wear them! I am always afraid I wil damage them (and, truth be told, I find rings annoying to wear, and tend to forget to put them back on before I leave the house. I am sure folks at work must think my marriage is on the rocks, since I don*t wear my ring! DH never has worn his, and that*s ok with me. I don* think one needs to wear the rings to *prove* they are married. If I need proof of that, it* s in the extra laundry I have been doing. I must be married...)

Right now, I am wearing a cute band, which is engraved, and has a tiny diamond solitaire. I chose it on eBay! I was surfing, and found it, asked him to buy as part of my birthday gifts. You see, 2 years ago, my engagement ring got stuck on my finger--my left hand is bigger than my right hand; and the joint on that ring ring got enlarged, though, if I could get the ring past that, it still fit the finger. DH was away for the weekend, and I tried to get if off before going to bed (I can*t sleep with a ring on--my finger swells). 2 1/2 hours later, still stuck. As it was 2:30 PM, and I was tired (and there was a blizzard going on, so no way I was going to drive to the ER with a swollen finger!), I had to cut the ring off with wire cutters. It broke my heart! I haven* t gotten it repaired, and saw this cute ring (which I like even better) on eBay, so I wear that as a combination engagement/wedding band. And it was only $51!

I can* bear to wear the wedding band AND another ring on one finger--it drives me crazy, so I would just wear my engagement ring, as my wedding ring is very thin and plain, and doesn*t show up well on my finger. The engagement ring, we found out later, is ananniversary ring! I chose it as I was a Civil War reenactor, and the modenr Tiffany setting solitaire had not been invented in the 1860*s. I thought this ring was different; it had 3 diamond-chip flower clusters, 2 smaller with one large one in the center, on a gold band. It looked sort of 19th Century (they had no standard engagement rings then, nor even wedding rings--not everyone had them; if they did, they looked like the contemporary rings, but perhaps with an inscription engraved inside the band).

My DH said he knew I was really frugal, as I made sure he had discount coupons for the engagement ring! (He had a lot of debt when we met, and I saw no reason for him to go into debt any further over a silly ring.)
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I take mine off probably more than I should...Lol! But I can't stand them on when I sleep! I have some pretty nasty metal allergies to Nickel too, so I have only a few rings that I can wear for extended amounts of time. Everything else has nickel in I can't wear it anymore...
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