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Modifying a litter box??

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I recently tried out the Tidy Cats Breeze and love it. You can see it here: http://www.breezeforcats.com/

My problem is that one of my males is a high "aim". So he urinates all over the wall and on the floor. For some reason he doesnt seem to squat all the way down. I think he's always been this way, but because I had a completely covered box before it was never an issue. For the first few weeks with this new box he didnt urinate over the edge, so I dont know if he just got lazy and doesnt want to squat all the way or what lol. My question is - does anyone have any idea how I could modify this box so I can still use it??? Is there anyway to attach something to the existing lid to make it higher??? I love not having litter all over my rugs. And there is no odor either! But I cannot deal with urine making such a mess and stink. YUCK!
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Have you tried putting the cover for your old covered box on the Breeze instead of its own half cover? The Breeze is fairly close to a standard size, so it might actually work. Otherwise, you could affix plastic to the top of the Breeze to make the walls taller.
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My previous litter boxes are giant.......the lids were too big. I may have to browse around some of the home improvement stores and see if I can find something that I could somehow attach.......
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You can always attach things with superglue, although I'd suggest a less permanent solution first, to see if it works (good tape, for example).
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I would add another box, too. I have found that cats that dont squat down are trying to do their business as quick as possible and get out, they dont cover, either. if you add another box, where hes not sharing, he will be more comfortable, take his time and squat, at least in my case.
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