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My Kitten will be shipped in Dec is that ok?

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My Sphynx will ship the first week of Dec from Noth Carolina to here.
I am worried about the weather.
It can be real stormy here that time of year.
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It depends on the temperatures from each point. That's why I can't ship Jack to me in February - cause it will be too cold. So we are hoping for just one warm day (above 45) in March. We can ship at the last minute (within a few days).
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I think North Carolina is warmer then here in winter.
We might be in the 20's by Dec for lows.
The highs can be 45-70.
Will your kitten be shipped close to where you live?
All the big Airports here are 2 hours from here and we do not know what one she will be shipped to yet.
Do you know if they ship to smaller airports?
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They can ship to a small airport, but you'll want to try for a non-stop flight. The more loading and unloading that the baggage handlers do, the more possibilities for accidents. And it's less stressful for an animal to just go on one plane and then come off than to be loaded a few times.

I'm debating flying to pick up my new cat, as courier fees may be just about as much anyway. That way the cat can travel in the cabin under the seat.
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Continental Airlines ships counter to counter with no temp restrictions, as the cats are not subject to being out on the tarmac. Check with Ed to see if he uses them. Might be a few dollars more for airfare than some of the other carriers.
I always use Continental versus the other carriers whenever I'm able to.

Another possibilty is that I put him in touch with our airline attendant friend. She transports cats for us and other breeders in the cabin. Maybe she can fly your kitten out. She charges about the same fee as paying for cargo shipment. The plus is that the kitten is always with her in the cabin of the plane and is handed off directly to you by her.
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Do you happen to know which airlines allow cats in the cabin?

Do cats tend to meow the whole way and upset other passengers?
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We would rather have a non stop flight.
There is no way wecan fly there to get the kitten.
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Originally Posted by Sohni View Post
Do you happen to know which airlines allow cats in the cabin?

Do cats tend to meow the whole way and upset other passengers?
Most of the major carriers allow small dogs and cats in the cabin. They must stay in the carrier and it must fit under the seat. The usual rule that I've come across, is that the airlines allow a maximum of 2 animals in cabin per flight. So it's important to book early.
Most airlines charge an "in cabin" fee. $90 or so.

In my experience the cats tend to get their meowing out of the way during the ride to the airport, check-in and security. By the time the flight begins they are worn out and sleep for the duration.
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I flew PJ & Punky to sharky. From MN to ID. They did some meowing, & PJ flipped out halfway there, but only because he had to pee.

They seemed to do just fine in the cabin. Albiet they were bigger kitties, at about 13 lbs each. They were slightly cramped in the carriers, but seemed to be sitting comfortably (both would lounging like they would have at home).
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I would call the airports in your area and see which (if any) airlines offer a direct flight. If there is a smaller airport with a direct flight, that would be ideal! The larger ones typically have longer loading and unloading times...all animals are on the tarmac long enough to be loaded and unloaded. In my particular case, Northwest was the way to go...small airport and direct flight. Continental only flew into the larger airports (at least, in my area) and he would have been out longer...even using the PetSafe program. Although, either way, the airlines make pets a priority over people...they get on last and off first. Good luck and congrats!
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My Husband worked for United for over 30 years but had to retire early when he hurt his back.
They just have United Express here.
He worked at Sfo.
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I was just picking up cat food from a feed store and saw my first in-cabin airline cat carrier. It looks like the bottom half of a carrier with a metal grate covering the top. The cat will have no choice but to lay down, although I'm sure it could turn around easily. It was interesting. I had been wondering how a hard carrier would fit under a seat.
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I flew PJ & Punky in soft sided carriers. I cheated & didn't "wholly" stuff them under the seat (my feet were cramped, but they weren't & that's all that counts).
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