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Yet another food thread - sorry!

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Sigh… I hate looking for new foods. I decided to look at Brunos food ingredient list yesterday and wasn’t impressed by the amount of grains in there. I always figured since it was premium I could just buy it and rely on the fact that the price meant it was the best food… apparently not in all cases… I’m not saying anything bad about the food, its good… but not the greatest.

Now I know we have had 100 of these threads but I think most of them were “what do you feed you catsâ€. I have 90% decided on Orijen for Bruno… I have one more place to look… but I can’t find anything decent for cats… I believe the main reason is everything I look at to help me decide on what to choose is 20 pages long of boring reading and I lose interest.

My question to you guys… what do you think is the number one food out there? Why exactly do you feel this way? What is really important (in short form) in a cats diet?

I found so much on dog food, it amazing really, so much more simpler…cat food, just seems to tedious and complicated to research.. Thanks all!

PS: They are on Royal Canin maintenance food for Cats
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how are the cats doing on the RC??
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I’m not sure really… they look great except Bugsy is anorexic (about 8 lbs) and Capone is “extremely big boned†LOL (about 18-20 lbs). However, that could be just that Capone is a house cat, and they tend to be over weight. Bugs is half Turkish Angora and has a stupid amount of hairballs and vomits quite a bit (yes, another story… I have spent most of my savings on him..i wont get into that one).

Capone looks super healthy aside from his weight. He is extremely shiny, most people comment on his coat, its thick, and beautiful. His eyes look so clear, his teeth look great, he is active…overall Capone looks great. Bugsy…as I said above has something wrong with him but he is healthy, but not super duper healthy like Capone is.

My issue with Royal Canin is that it is so expensive! I don’t mind paying for food but if I am going to sacrifice some of my perks for them it better be for a food that is totally awesome. Since I am changing Brunos food I might as well change the kittys food as well.

As someone said in another food review website “some food is like feeding your cat hotdogs everyday for their whole life†I don’t want that… if I am paying I want better quality OR I want cheaper food lol. I just don’t know what to look for in ingredients to decide.
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Do you want a grain free??

there are many quality foods with grain s that are IMHO better quality at a lower price .. look for only one grain IMHO
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