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Have you tried your cat's food?

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I may be the only one, but I make it a habit to try all the food I feed my animals. I may end up poisoning myself one day with horse feed. As a general rule, I think with horse feed, if I can tolerate it - the horse will love it. This has usually proven to be the case.

So I sat down and tried Thomas' foods yesterday. Nutrocat is bland but not overly disgusting. Iams Kitten dry is beyond foul (I can see why he tends to leave it) and I won't be buying it again. If you can get beyond the slimy texture of fancy feast, the salmon feast at least is about high school cafeteria lunch grade. We also feed him totally plain, shredded cooked meat from time to time, which of course, to my taste is the best.

Can you replace canned cat food with shredded whole meats like chicken / duck? We'll keep the nutrocat dry because he has to have something that can be left at all times. I read the thread about feeding raw but the idea of grinding a carcass or any raw meat in the smoothie maker is a little disgusting.
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I suggest plain meats as a snack...

I have tasted many dry foods and treats
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Replacing the canned with whole chicken/duck is fine OCCASIONALY. More as a treat then meals. The canned food has the extra vitimins that you don't have in just chicken.

When we do have boiled chicken; as we cut it up for our meal, the cats and dogs get several pieces as treat handouts before their normal canned meal.
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I've heard that there are a few pet food companies out there that use humans to taste test the food.

I haven't tried any myself
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I have to admit that I haven't tried the cat's food. The cat, however, has tried my human food and now sits beside my hubby's chair at the table to get his small portion of our dinner. He is quite the gentleman about it as he sits quietly and patiently while my husband cuts the meat into small portions to make it easier for him to eat it. My DH usually reminds me that I did not set a plate out for Bijou.
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Yes, I have tasted a few cat foods- mainly ones that are shredded chicken or fish chunks (like Sheba and Weruva). I haven't been brave enough to try the pate style, or the kibble.
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Mine eat homemade raw meat, I'm a vegetarian so haven't tried it
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When Cleo was first diagnosed with renal failure, my vet prescribed Hills k/d canned renal food for her. She turned up her pretty little nose at it, and refused to eat it. I thought it smelled like liver flavored wall paper paste, so I tried it. It tasted like liver flavored wall paper paste, too! I really couldn't blame her for refusing to eat it!
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I've tried quite a few pet foods, haha. I thought I was weird. I haven't tried Gorilla's canned wellness yet. I did think about it last night, because it smelled kindof good.
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I admit that I have.

I also love Milk Bones! Back when I lived with my brother and his family, our whole family was hooked on the Milk Bones for the dog! It wasn't uncommon to see any one of us walking around the house snacking on one!
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I've never tried any kitty food myself. I think I'll leave the taste testing to them!

BTW - If you want feed raw, you don't have to grind your own. You can buy ground that has all needed supplements added or buy just ground and add you own supplements.
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this thread cracks me up lol
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well, since i'm allergic to both chicken & fish, i haven't - even tho i know exactly what's in the homemade food i supplement their canned with. but the canned is lamb + chicken, & the dry is chicken meal & the homemade is chicken + chicken liver + oatmeal + clams - so i'm not planning on eating any of it!
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