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Invasion of Privacy - Something you should see.

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Have you seen this list?

They have the full name and address of the owner along with the type of pet.

Can you imagine if some one was looking for just your sort of pet? They'd know where you were, etc.

PS - I stole this from another forum, but wanted to drag it here for you all.
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Terrible! Makes you wonder who knows what about who ?? Seems these days we are always looking over our shoulder for people watching ect..

Like on face book , my silly cousin has her name/address.full date of birth , mobile number and photos of her kids and her hobbies ect.. every little bit of imformation any one would need about her ..

More people should be aware of the amount of info that ends up on display , thanks for sharing!
Jess x
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Well that is not scary or anything.

I never use my full name when I do anything on the internet. I always use Em or Emy. I couldn't immangine putting your address up on anything where people can have access so eaisly!
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It is taken from the city pet licenses so you would have to use your full name but as a government registry they would also have to give you the option to not allow your information to be released so publicly.

I know when we adopt out animals and sell a city tag with them, there is a privacy clause on our adoption contract, the city tag contract AND the microchip contract so that people can choose the level of privacy for our shelter, the city and chip company.
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I'm assuming that is only for Tacoma pet owners right?

I tried out all of my animals past and present and found nothing, i'm not so sure how accurate that is, unless it's just ment for Tacoma owners.
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I just looked up all of my cats and there were no records found thankfully.
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That's NOT a good idea.

But interesting as our Keno (which was named in honor/memory of DH's brother) has 4 other labs (Keno's a yellow lab) in that list!
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didn't see mine there... but, then, that's not where i live
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Welp, just think of big brother. Micro chips are the first step. That will lead to acceptance, and it will spread. Sooner or later turning into people and then network access to the data.

Remember when ATMs first came out? They needed to get acceptance for them too. So they were free. People learned to accept them and they are everywhere now. You also get charged by both the ATM company and your bank if you use one that's not connected to you.

Baby steps. it's all the same
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