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halloween is coming.....

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and you'll find out that its my favorite time of the might've guessed that by the fact that I own 2 black cats...

here's some of my workings...

scroll down...

this is only the beginning of course....
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so fantastic my friend,...the 4 file it make me remember the portait of the "souls of black" album of Testament!
Great work my friend!
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Amazing Nice work...

I love Halloween too. My "most" fav holiday. Seems like every year I am fighting with myself over what to dress my kids... they have CUTE stuff, but I really love the gory bloody scary things, too.
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Those are good drawings.
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why thanks :-) I try
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Those are awesome Halloween is my favourite time of the year, too. Forget getting excited for Christmast, psht. I celebrate big-time way before that
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Wow as if you drew those! they are AMAZING!

I wish I could do that!
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I love Halloween too!

Great pictures. Very creepy looking.
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I dont really care about holoween but I still got Mason a cotume. He is going to be a monkey. It's so cute.
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Those are great!!

I could care less about Halloween, but I LOVE the candy!!! Halloween candy never last till Halloween arround me! I usually have to go buy some on the morning of, or it all gets eaten.
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These are so great! Thanks for sharing, look forward to more!
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Great job
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You gotta love Halloween. What other time of the year do you have an excuse for scaring people? (aside from trying to cure hiccups - which never seems to work for me).
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