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Free Bengal

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I found this ad on craigslist just right now. If I could convince my mom to let me take him I would, but there's absolutely no chance of that (even though he lives near enough to me that it would be a very short drive). Anyone else want to pick this boy up? And if he's papered, shouldn't she have contacted the breeder first? At any rate, I just really hope he doesn't go the the wrong home because he's free!
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no pics darn... I live way too far off, tho lol
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I hope he goes to a good home! I always worry about the pets given away on craigslist.
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I know! What I really with is that I could take him as a foster, even if only to find a home for him that I know would be good. However, I'd have a difficult enough time convincing my mom, much less my dad, who won't even let me keep all of my cats indoors. Once my mom comes home I'll see what she thinks about it, but I'm not getting my hopes up one iota.

Is there anyone who can take him, even as a temporary foster? There's little worse than feeling helpless in situations like this.
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I'd take him, but I think I'm full at the moment....and I think I'm farther from you than I can drive to come get him quick.
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I emailed them and suggested they contact the breeder if it is indeed papered...
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I know. You're already doing so much for the animals you have that I didn't think you'd be able to. The thing for me is that I would have room to take three of him! It's just because of my parents that I can't, and while I respect their opinions, it's so frustrating when I can't do what I feel is necessary for me to do because of how I am.

I still haven't mentioned it to my mom at all because I know she'll probably say no and I don't want to hear no right now.

edit: I'm doubtful that she got it from a breeder. It seems like most decent cat breeders have are no-declaw, and besides, she's giving him away for free, which leads me to think that she probably didn't know enough to get him from a decent breeder who would take him back if she couldn't take him any more. That's just my gut feeling, and I could be completely wrong, but I'm not getting my hopes up on the breeder taking him back. If she does email back with any info though, could you let us know?
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Its been "flagged" now - but if its the one that was declawed, I've seen the ad. I hope it didn't fall in the wrong hands.
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It was declawed, so I'm sure it was the same one. There was no information on it or pictures besides the 'declawed, neutered 2 yrs. old'. I'll keep an eye out for a repeat of the ad in case he's put up again, but I suppose that's all I can do right now.
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I don't think she'll respond - doesn't seem like the person who REALLY cares about their pet.
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I wonder why the post was flagged? Seems a little odd.
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OMG! A declawed Bengal.. how wretched. I can't believe it's FREE!!!! Bengals go for about 1,000 or more. I would have taken it, but something seems fishy about it.
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Free bengal?

Sounds suspicious. Anything is possible though.

Good breeders always give their pet owners a way out if there is a problem with the cat and that is to return it to them, without guilt. Bengals are very popular and easily rehomed to the right environment for them to thrive.

I'd bet this "bengal" is not papered as is claimed.
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