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Welcome back Tania! I'm sure you've noticed, but we've got lots of newbies around here! Hope all is well with you and happy to see you back on the boards!
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Woohooo!!!! One of Nakita's favourite people from down under has returned!!

Glad to see your face mate!

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Well! Thankyou all so much for your kind words. It is, indeed great to be back.

Kitten season has finished for this year - I ended up having 20 little ones throughout the season and 8 at once towards the end! It was a wonderful experience, even though 4 didn't make it as they were already very ill when they came to me. I will certainly be fostering for many kitten seasons to come!

Predictably, one furbaby is staying, a little girl I picked up from a University Vet Hospital near me. She was one day old, still with her little umbilical stump attached and was born with Pectus Excavatum and a heart mumour. You wouldn't know it though, she's 12 weeks old now and hoons around with the others playing feral games and chasing the bigger cats tails. On the pretense that of course, no-one would want a cat with those medical problems, I decided she would be staying with me. She's a calico and white, now called...wait for it...VEGEMITE!!!!! How could I not stay with the food theme?!?! She's almost the spitting image of Popcorn except she's a short-hair and Poppy is a medium-hair. They look like mother and daughter.

Dad is doing very well, his lung cancer was caught so early, they got to it and were able to treat it agressively and he is completely cancer free. As I said at the time, thankyou to all those who were thinking of and praying for him - I sometimes think that our board magic is better than any medication!

Many, many congratulations to those who's little girls have had kittens - it looks like kitten season is well and truly underway in the Northern Hemisphere! As I said, I've been 'lurking' every day and the pictures just make me grin from ear to ear.

Speaking of pics, I'm on a friends computer at the moment but when I get a chance, at home, I'll post some pics of some of the babies I cared for and also of Vegemite. I've drawn myself up some plans of a 3-storey kitty-jail I'm going to build for the kittens (really a kitten pen but I call it kitty-jail because they all cry to come out as soon as they see you) , that I'll scan and post so you guys can give me some feedback and suggestions. I usually keep the kits in a box until they're about 2-1/2 to 3 weeks old and then move them into kitty jail. I'm a handywoman wannabe but I think I'll be able to make this one. I used a babies playpen this year but when I had the 8, I had to let them use the whole room as it just would've been too squashy for them. It was like a bomb had hit Perth - they pulled things down from the shelves, read (shredded) magazines, tipped things over, spread their dry food and kitty litter everywhere! It was so funny though - I thought I'd kittenproofed the room. Nope, silly kitty mummy didn't know kittens can levitate and can use scissors and can bomb rooms!

Well, I'll leave it there for now. Thankyou to everyone for the warm welcome back.
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PS. Kass, I'm glad I'm still in Miss Gargoyle's good books. Tell her I've been snooping and know all about what she's been up to!
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I just saw this.............. YES..... PLEASE JOIN US!!!

We're as crazy as ever!!!!

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Tania! I've really missed you! I'm so glad we'll be able to enjoy your humor again. I should have known there'd be no end to Vegemite! Here we go again! If you have any left over, our roof needs to be tarred...
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Vegemite is NOT repeat NOT to be used as roofing tar!!

I am horrified at the thought - it is too yummy and valuable to be used for anything but being spread thickly on toast, dipped into with a cracker or for trapping rampaging Polar Bears!!

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no wonder you guess was so close with snowwhite It all just clicked now who you are.... UGH i'm slow sometimes!
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Mate, you're not slow, you're just a very busy Grandma at the moment!
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Tania, I know you're an animal lover. Wouldn't you be in trouble for endangering all those Australian Polar Bears? I thought you caught them with fresh baby peas? Just asking...... I don't want the Humane Society getting after you----no vegemite insult intended, of course. We all know what a a um (I'm trying!) a really ummmm
delicious (gulp) treat it is! Whew, I did it!!
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Tania...can't wait to see pics of Vegemite! (If you have posted them in another thread already forgive me...I haven't seen it yet. ) And also....I wish I could try some of this vegemite you speak of...I will try anything (food wise) once...as long as it isn't cooked bugs or something gross like that... ) I like cow tongue, Rocky Mountain Oysters, Calamari, etc...alot of things others don't like, so I would LOVE to give vegemite a shot!!! Can you get it in the U.S.?
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My mother used to buy tongue all the time-for sandwiches. One day I asked what tongue really was. She said, "What do you think it is?" That's the last time I ate tongue. I couldn't believe it!
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The Statler Brothers did a bit about food:

DON: do you like cow tongue?

HAROLD: Ugh! I'd never eat anything, that came out of a cow's mouth.

DON: Do you like tripe?

HAROLD: I'd never eat intestines.

DON: You like eggs, don't you?

HAROLD: Oh, yeah, I like eggs.

DON: Do you know where eggs come from?

HAROLD: Yep. (pause) Kroger's!
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Originally posted by Jeanie G.
My mother used to buy tongue all the time-for sandwiches. One day I asked what tongue really was. She said, "What do you think it is?" That's the last time I ate tongue. I couldn't believe it!
Okay this is what kills me...I have had people say to me, "How could you eat cow tongue??? I would never eat anything that the cow used to lick his butt with."...............but yet they eat rump roast. Any guesses what part of the cow that is???
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I know that sounds like a childish question, but I was only nine or ten when I asked her! She made some sort of jellied, shredded roast beef and sliced it for sandwiches and called it "potted head." It had nothing to do with a head, so I thought it must be the same way with tongue. Hmmmm, rump roast, now where would you find that????

Mom was from Scotland, so she made some very different dishes. Tripe is not intestines. It is the lining of a cow's stomach. She made it with leeks and a buttery cream sauce. Believe it or not, it was very good. I'd be tempted to eat it again. I'm not going to hunt for the recipe, though!

Debbie, even though you know I don't believe in Vegemite, I have heard that it is a yeasty flavored spread that looks like molasses and has a similar texture. I understand it's one of those things you either love or hate.
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OMG!!! I hope you don't think I was making fun of you, because I wasn't!!!! I understand totally not understanding what it was at the time!!!! Especially at that young of an age!

I wouldn't try tripe either...like I said, I will try any food once....but it LOOKED awful.....like a pale white honey comb...yuk....I may eat alot of weird things,... R.M. Oysters, Tongue, Calamari, etc....but when I resort to the LINING of the cows stomach....it's really time to cut me off!!

(PS....tried cow brains....they were mushy and tasted EXACTLY like you would think brains would taste......a little empty and not much substance! ) YUK!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Debby...You crack me up, girl!
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YES YES YES Vegemite Its nearly as good as coke
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Well what I want to know is where can I get some of this Vegemite to try?
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LOL Come to NZ or OZ .........LOL
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I'm on my way!!! *packing bags* Hope you have a spare bedroom!!!
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LOL Yes we have two BUT ( Yes theres a but ) you will have to share with a few cats ,
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How did this thread go from talking about Vegemite, one of the best foods in the world, to COW TONGUES??? EEEEEEEWWWW!!!!!!

If anyone would like to PM me their address, I'd be happy to send out a little jar of Vegemite in exchange for a little toy for the kittens. There's one condition, you have to say it was delicious, scrummy and that you will never eat anything else ever again because all other foods just don't make the grade any more, compared with the wonderful Vegemite.
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Awwww I see we share the same love of VEGEMITE
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Debbie, I wasn't insulted at all! I just wanted to explain why I was so naive! I have to admire your courage, though. I would never try brains!

Poor Wellington Cat. You've been brainwashed! If there really was such a thing as vegemite, it would definitely used for tarri---Whooops, I'm not allowed to say that! Tania would tan my hide!
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Is vegemite like marmite? If so then yup - it's delish but can take a while to acquire the taste (like 30 years)!!!!!!!!

Talking of yuk food - we drove to Italy a few years back and after driving down through France and Switzerland (including a gun-point brush with the border guards), we arrived back in a small French town and went to what looked like the only small hotel/restuarant there.

We checked in and went to eat - it was about 10.30pm by this time. Well, I don't speak a word of French, the language is a complete mystery to me. I ordered what looked like a stew - had a list of potatoes, carrots and some other bits in it. The owner asked if I was sure, and that it was a regional speciality (a guess alarm bells should've rung at that point).

Anyway the food arrived and it looked like soapy dish water with vegetables floating in it and some distinctly grey meat . . . I was so hungry I started eating it, but ended up just picking out the veggies as the meat was horrible. It was very soft and mushy and tasted of washing up liquid.

I went back to the room hungry and only then did Ken pipe up that he realised what the tete part of my meal translated as . . . cow's head (THAT was the grey meat).

Needless to say, I was even hungrier after that as I did not even have the carrots and potatoes to fall back on after that revelation!!!!
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Yola, Please tell me that you love steak and kidney pie! I do. One thing I didn't like at all was the plum pudding my mother made for my father as a special birthday treat. It wasn't "yucky," but I was happy to let my father eat ALL of it himself! For our non-English friends, it's like fruit cake, but boiled (yes, boiled) in a bag!

(Don't tell Tania, but I would love to have that toy for my kitties, but look at the sacrifice I'd be making! No more teasing the Aussies about vegemite! Oh, what a predicament....) I hear it's the same as Marmite. Of course I'd have to admit that exists too!

Yola, have you heard of potted head, or pot'ed heed, as my mom called it. It was not head, of course. Good on a sandwich with mustard. She made molds of it in bowls and turned it out to slice.
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Guess what I bought at the health food store while in Chicago? (They do have them here, but we were there....)


And yes, Yola, Vegemite is just about the same thing as Marmite.
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Debby - I've never seen Vegemite here in the States. But they do sell Marmite in health food stores and sometimes at the health food section in grocery stores...

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Of cours it exsits....sheeeeeesh
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