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I snapped at someone in class yesterday

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I'll kind of give you some background.

About 2 weeks after I started class this other guy started class. I knew from the moment he got in the class he was going to be trouble. He said he was going to do everything possible to make our teacher mad. So that kinda set the scene for what kind of student he was going to be. Later that same day a girl reported his behavior to the teacher because he could not be quiet and was distracting her. By day 2 I had to move my seat because the guy could not quit talking. And even then this guy could not be quiet. The teachers have warned this guy several times about the behavior and his talking. But it has done no good he talks and acts inappropriate all the time.

So I was sitting in class studying my behind off for the three tests I had to take last night. And here he was just a running his mouth loudly (mind you I sit at another table from him). And what really set me off his he said something I found really offensive. He called someone a f***** (a slur for a homosexual). I flipped my lid. I looked up and saw there was teacher in class so I just let loose. No cussing was involved I just said (paraphase) "You need to be quiet. No might not be in here to learn anything but the rest of us are. And none of us can learning anything with you running your mouth all the time. So can you just shut up." The girl beside him had a shocked looked on her face and he looked shocked as well. And the class was dead silent. He went on to say either a tylenol or maybe he said midol might help me. I about laid in to him at this point. But the teacher walked in and I stood up looked at her and said "You need to do something about him" and walked out of class to cool off. Within 5 mins of me being back in class he signed out and left.

I felt bad that I did do that in class. I pulled the teacher out to the hallway and apologized perfusely about what I said and what I did. She assured me that I was not in trouble and that everything would be ok.

When we went out for our first break quite a few people came up to me and give me a hug and actually thanked me for saying something to the guy because he was bugging a lot of people. And a big burly guy in class told me he would be my bodyguard if the guy said or did anything to me for saying what I did. He also said I must have scared the guy because he left so quickly, I think I embarrassed the guy. Because I saw him last night when it came time to take the tests and he kept a distance between me and him.

I do admit I am nervous now. The guy has spent 10 years in prison. And I do now why because I did a background search when he was trying to hit up on my friend. He is also a Nazi. I know this for a fact because he has said so plus he has Nazi tattoos and wears a hat with a Nazi ensigna on it. If he does or says anything remotely threatening to me he will be reported to campus security (off duty cop) and it will report to the police.
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In a way you did the right thing by standing up to this guy..but in another way you have angered a man that shouldnt be angered ,

Just be careful and ignore him for now , hopefully he will cool down and shut up..its worrying he was in prison for so long is tatooed and a nazi (not saying tatoos are a bad thing i love them) but the image im getting isnt a great one ya know!

Jess x
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I don't have a problem with tattoos either in fact I have a few. What I have a problem with is the ones displayed. And its not like he has ever said he regrets them. If that was the case fine. No if asked he will tell you he is racist and all that other junk.

And you are right I angered someone that I probably should not have angered. But whats done is done. All I can do know is prepare for a possible backlash and get my ducks in a row.

My husband was like I sure hope this guy does not follow you home to see where we live. I told him I know what the guy drives and what his "girlfriend" drives. If I see either one of those follow me I will not go to my house, I will go to my landlord's house. He is a big ole guy and thats where I would drive to.

I have seen the guy at the store by my house. I know the owner and the girls that work there. I described the guy and told them if he ever comes in there asking where I live not to tell him. That all came about when my friend told him she lived with a hispanic man.
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I am sure he will leave well alone .. men like that some times seem scarier then they are.. but i sure do think he is not the nicest of men , can u get a alarm.. like ones u keep on ur keyring to alert people ur not safe.?? i have even seen these in cheapo shops.. maybe worth while , just so you feel a little safer..

Also check his license plate if you can just so u have a sure knowledge of his car.
Jess x
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If I had been in that class I would have stood up and applauded you! He sounds like a very immature person who does anything he can do to get attention. I'll bet even the tattoos and Nazi image are just for attention as well. Be careful and watch your back, but I doubt he does anything to retaliate, mainly because there were too many witnesses in class that would point the finger at him. I would still talk to the campus security so they are aware of the situation and keep an eye on him. That way it will be on record.
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That took a great deal of courage on your part.

Hopefully the teacher has brought his behavior to someone's attention.

I wonder if attending these classes are a part of his probation??
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He sounds like a real jerk. If he did 10 years in prison, it is possible that he is on parole, and will go back if he steps too far out of line. That might be something to find out. It might keep him from bothering anyone except by running his big mouth.
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Well I just got back from school. Word got around quickly about what happened. I was talking to the head of our dept about when we get our test score back. And she asked me what happened yesterday. I gave a very quick overview and apologized to her for me saying and doing what I did. She told me I had nothing to worry about. She asked me if it was the tall guy that kept running in and out of class and I nodded. And it ended there on my behalf. Then not even 20 mins later they had campus security(off duty cop), a janitor and a professor (big guy) came and got him out of class and escorted him off the property. For what I gather he is either temporarily kicked off campus or kicked off till next quarter.

Now tho I have at least 5 girls that had the hots for him mad at me. Everyone has came up to me and said they stand behind and they don't think bad of me for saying something in class. The girls don't bother me much. One called me a B like that would upset me.

As for the guy I am only very slightly worried. I have my ducks in a row. Things that have been said or done has been noted where it needs to be.
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if he was in prison for 10 years and hes back in school..good for him.. but he doesnt sound too nice
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Originally Posted by Oci-lot View Post
if he was in prison for 10 years and hes back in school..good for him.. but he doesnt sound too nice
Any other time I would be right there with you. But when a grown adult over the age of 25 comes in and acts worse than my 9 yr old, then there is an issue. And while I feel bad the guy got kicked out ,because that was not my intentions, I am glad that those of us that are there to learn can do so peacefully.
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Hooray for you!! More people need to have your type of courage He seems very insecure. Maybe he will learn something from this.
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Good for you for saying something to him!! It seams like everyone wanted to, but no one had the courage to do so. It seams like he just wanted attention and knew that no one was going to stand up to him. It probally shocked him abit when you did!
Who cares if thoes girls are mad at you? Do you really care what they think? Anyone who is intersted in that type of guy would not be someone I would want to hang out with. Let them say and think what they want about you. Just shows that they are immature!
As for the guy, just becareful and watch your back. It sounds like you have a plan for everything which is great! Always good to plan ahead and overthink something then not give it any worry at all. Just hope this is not a night class! Then if I were you I would find someone to walk me to my car!!
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No, day class 7:30am to Noon.
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Well that is good! Just becareful, but I sure everything will be fine. He is just porbally more embarssed then anything. People like that don't like being called out in public like that. He pride is probally hurt more then anything else.
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You shouldn't have had to say a word -- the teacher and the school should have handled him long ago. I deeply respect you for doing what you did, but I'm worried too... please be extra-careful, okay?
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