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It's 5 weeks now since the babies popped into my world. I want to get them prepared so when mom starts training them to use the litter box we're ready.

I have the old kitten litter box I got when mine were tiny. they can climb into it. But I COMPLETELY forgot about using non-clumping litter. I stuck the box in and set two kitten in it. both of which decided to eat the litter (typical). I stopped them at about a half mouthful and they were both spitting it back out already. lol it was cute.

So I went to the grocery store (the pet stores are closed) and I'll be darned if NONE of them had non-clumping litter. All i could find were fresh pine pellets. They can't eat them of course but I'm wondering if mom will even show them to use that since it's completely different from her litter.

I use Fresh Step (not the clay) on all my cats. it's like 13 bucks for a 28 pound jug but it seems to work good.