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I found the cat collars i was looking for!!!!!

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I am sooo happy!!!! this site has the CUTEST collars!! Once the babies sex is confirmed i'm going to order moe, neo, nimby, blizy, and stormy collars
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For safety's sake, just be sure they are breakaway collars Val-
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the ones i want for the boys have the streachey stuff so they can slip there heads out. Moe and Neo are so heavy if they get caught the elastic will just break The ones i want for when the kittens get alittler older are break away No safty ones make me wayyyyyyyyy to nervous!! MoeMoe has a think for jumping and i'm always worried about him getting caught!
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I found ones i like ever more!! and they advertise on so I'm going to have to go with them!!
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With four of my new babies being orange tabby I will need all the help I can get in telling who is who!
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Those collars are great! I bought suede collars for my kittens! The boys get blue, the girl gets red!
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Thanks for the links -- very cute and cool collars! I like the "Maya" collar on the first site you listed.
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No not really - unless you like them so much you just have to have them - trust me. I thought so too with the last bunch of orange tabby kittens I fostered.

But as you will see their personalities will be so striking that you will be able to tell who is who in no time.
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I bought five collars!!! OMG hubby is going to kill me! I also emailed the owners and they are SOOOOOO sweet!!!!

these are the ones i got I went with the beastie bands because they said you can make them small enough for kittens!

click on the name to see what color they are getting!

Cat Collar Site

Nimbus, moon and stars

Stormy, witchy kitty, SORCERER CAT

Neo, Royal Cat

Blizzy, Pink Rose


I'll let you know how I like them when i get um!!! I'm so excited!
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We have one merchant at that has grow-along collars. I can't remember who at the moment, but I will think of the name and post it when it comes to me. But the collars are for kittens in different stages as they grow. It is a clever idea.
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Those collars are so cool! I want one!
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