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Does anyone use Celexa

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I'm curious if anyone here takes Celexa? My question is...do you take it in the am or the pm?
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I used to take it, and always at night. I think that's pretty standard, since a lot of antidepressants can cause drowsiness. Celexa's a good drug -- I hope it works for you!
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You take it in the morning because if you take it at night you feel "wired" and can't sleep.

I've been taking it for about 6 years or so.

I had one of the most rare of side effects. The incredible uncontrollable urge to pee! I took to wearing poise liners because, well not to be graphic, but I squirted! just enough to feel damp, not soaked.

After a month I talked to the pharmacist and she said it's rare, but it does happen in some people and it's one of those side effects that if it does happen, doesn't go away if it hasn't gone away within 2 weeks.

Well, I thought about asking my doctor for a different medication, but Celexa made me feel "normal" again, and I figured what's a little squirt now and then in comparison to feeling normal? So I didn't bother.

Three months later that feeling went away. But man, while it was happening it was very annoying.
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