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His best Aslan/Simba impersonation. (incatination?)



And last but not least .... An UNphotogenic pic


Of course, he'd rather not think about it . . . .


The first three pics I took today, the others are from random times over the summer. Enjoy!
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What a handsome boy! I looooove those fuzzy toes!!!!
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Quill is such a handsome boy!! He's one of my favorite kitties on the site - so much fluffy love!
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What a totally gorgeous boy!
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Now THAT is a fuzzy cat! Great looking kitty you have there!
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He's gorgeous, LOVE the paw pic Awwwww
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EeeeEEEeeeeeee!!! LOOK at those fluffy feet!!!
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So sooo sweet x x
Jess x
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I love those toes and I love that nose!

SO cute!
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Awwww theres that handsome boy Great pics!
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Have I ever told you how much Quill looks like my Twix?? It's crazy how much they resemble each other - he's like the longhaired version of her, right down to the dark 'eyeliner' around his left eye, even though Twix's is on her right. I guess that's part why I'm so much in love with him (the other part is just because he's a handsome lovemuffin, though) More Quillspam, please?
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He looks so soft!

What a handsome guy!
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