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Not sure about this...but okay

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So in May we brought sweet Harley into our home.

Harley is well, special. He needs love and attention, and well lots of it. He's very forceful and demanding of this requirement so to speak. At times it makes me want to scream. He self pets, drools, sucks my ear lobes....but yesterday topped it off.

I was lying on the bed up against the headboard talking on the phone with my grandma. Harley came to join me, because being in bed to him means kitty love time. So he's up on my chest laying and I know he's headed for my ear lobes, but I hadn't taken my earrings out after work-so I knew he'd have a heavenly fit about it. He was displeased, he then proceeded to lick my eye lid. It was the most bizarre thing that has happened since the day he first sucked on my ear. I'm not sure why the eyelid but it was alittle gross.

Anyone else have an eyelid licking cat?

I fear I'm beginning to realize just maybe why he spent 4 months in the shelter before someone adopted. He's special.

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now no. lol. but i had a kitty that was her way of waking you up.
lol trust me nothing will wake you up faster then a cats tounge on your eye lid

and she also used to chew on my ear.
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When my cat was a kitten he used to like to lick my eye lashes especially when i was wearing mascara.....wierd!!!!
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Awwww Harley must love you soooo much, bless him
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It will get better. I got Rocko in February and he was so clingy. He too thinks me going to bed is love time. its so cute to see him run up on the bed turn around and wait for me to come pet him....even if I am only walking in to get something.

He has gotten better about being so needy, but still has his moments. He licks my arms when he wants attention. Just a lick and than a look....than maybe another lick and look, than a paw gently touches my arm. It is so adorable!

Enjoy it because it is kinda sad when they get comfortable and secure and go off on their own for naps and don't need cuddles as often.

He is still my little lap cat. Just not as often.
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Mitzi loves licking my eyelid to get me 3am!

I think it's hilarious of course -- until I get up on one of those days to a pile of sick. The I just think 'pukey eyeball!'
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My gut tells me that Harley may very well remain a clingy cat. It's nice sometimes because Jack is the opposite, he rarely craves attention, and when he does its usually because he wants to be fed. Althought lately I've been waking up to, two snuggly cats in bed with meowmy. I guess when daddy leaves their is more room in the bed for snuggles.

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Holly loves my eyelids too. I usually have some sort of makeup on, so she has to be pushed away short of licking off my eyelid
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