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How do they find us?

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I always thought that eventually when i was a bit more settled, I would get another diabetic. This little girl had other ideas and she just waltzed into my house and started eating just like Missy did along time ago. No name yet. I am thinking Tabitha unless her personality gives me a clue in the future.
I have had her 5 days. Couldn't find any other kittens. The surprising thing is the ferals i feed around here are black. What is not surprising is she is a Tabby just like Sneakers. I have to believe that sneaks sent her to me.

The black one is Panther an adopted diabetic nw in remission and diet controlled. The grey and white is Missy, my 8 pound 1 person athlete.
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Sneaks sent you a real cutie! She knew you would take good care of a little orphan.

Congratulations on getting Panther off insulin! I'll bet he is one happy fellow!
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they just know which one will care for them ...
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It is amazing that they find the right person to take care of them. It seems that God always gives me the renal failure kitties...must be He knows that I will take good care of them!

Your babies are beautiful!

I read a quote somewhere (probably on one of the renal failure support sites that I frequent.)

"God doesn't always give us the ones we want....He gives us the ones who need us the most."
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Every single stray always ends up on my property!I get them all fixed up and adopt them out.Some of them are so sweet you can't help but to fall in love with themI also take care of a feral cat colony,and it is the same thing with them,they learn to trust and depend on you.I really do think they have a way of knowing when a person is going to love them and take good care of them.Btw.....your cats are all gorgeous
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