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The "Things I love" Thread - Page 2

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I Eric
I my friends and family
I cats mine and everyone elses
I candy
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I love my husband
I love my family
I love food
I love Popsie and all animals
I love learning
I love my friends
I love TCS
I love music
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I love Rob
I love our kittens
I love my other fur-babies in NC
I love my family
I love New Jersey
Heck, I love New England!
I love my car
I love my job
I love snuggling with Rob and the kitties.
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Originally Posted by WELDRWOMN View Post
Actually, if I ever had the pleasure of meeting Trout (the kitty) and Trout's mom (the TCS member) I am sure I would adore both of you.

I just had pan fried trout (the fish) on my mind when I originally posted
Awwww shucks
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Hmmm.. what do I love?

My boyfriend
My family
a really funny movie
a well-written piece of fiction or feature story
all of my shelter kitties since I have not been able to take one as a pet, yet.
spending time with my friends and socializing
cooking and baking and getting to watch everyone enjoy the fruits of my labors
really tasty food
Having enough interesting work to do (I'm a freelancer)
Going to new places, but not the hassle of getting there, like flying
the beach and the mountains, depending on my mood
the beauty in nature and life
a really comfy bed ( I need a new one!)
not having to worry about money (don't experience that very often)
laughing until it hurts
watching nasty people get their due
cuddling or playing with babies
really good kissing/makeout session
sleeping in

I'm sure there are more, but I can't think of anything...
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I LOVE the ocean especially Kure Beach in NC!!!
I Love Max, Lilly, Bailey and Tigger!
I Love my husband more than life itself!
I Love my Mom brother and Grandma!
I Love my friends!
I Love candles especially seasonal scents like baked apple pie and pumpkin spice!
I Love Flip Flops!
I Love Pedicures!
I am in Love with Thunder Storms!
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I love my son.
I love my granddaughter.
I love my furbies.
I love my s/o (when he's not ticking me off, that is! ).
I love TCS!
I love reading a good book on a rainy day.
I love going to Galveston, and traveling.
I love jewelry!
I love music.
I love thunderstorms.

That's all that I can think of for now.
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