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The "Things I love" Thread

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Lets follow the hate thread up with some loooooooooove

I love Trout
I love my fam
I love Josh
I love eating
I love sleeping in
I love reality tv
I love cuddling up on a cold winter night
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Sounds good to me....

I love my furkids, Sassy, Pixie and Linus.
I love my family and friends (most of the time )
I love lazy Sunday mornings reading the newspaper in bed.
I love cooking new types of food.
I love shopping for gifts for other people.
I love snowy afternoons and hot chocolate.
I love my quiet time....
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I love my kitties
I love my Fh
I love all the birds chirping in the morning
I love all this nature around me
I love summer
I love growing things veggie patch here i come!
I love cooking, eating, and sleeping!
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What a good idea!

My husband and son.
My friends.
Peedoodle and Kahu.
My family.
The sunshine.
Good jokes.
Good tv.
Good movies.
Being silly.

There are so many things that I love - it would take all day to list them!
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I love:

My fiance
My kitties
My family, and fiance's family
Sleeping (I can't wait till the weekends so I can sleep in)
Hot showers
Reality TV (ANTM, Amazing Race, Survivor, Big Brother, lots more)
One Tree Hill and Grey's Anatomy
Talking on the phone (only to certain people though)
Having fun with friends I haven't seen in awhile

There's probably lots more that I can't think of
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The top of my list is Chester. He has made me so happy. I am so glad that I decided to bring him home.

There are other things too but I am too tired to think right now.
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I love:

My hubby
Marcie & Darcy
My family
Dark chocolate
Trout (the fish)
Writing stuff
Driving my Subee
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I love:
My Monster
My bf
Cuddling with my kitties
Americas Next Top Model
And lots of other things i cant think of
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Lovely thread

I love these cookies have tasty frosting ( It's sort of a love hate relationship... lol )

I love my husband.

I love my daughters.

I love all my pets

I love my camera

I love talking to people on the internet/Forums/Chats, etc

I love Halloween

I love Christmas

I love getting kisses

I love stick figures. I even had them on our wedding cake

I love to camp and love the smell of camp fires

Ahhh I could say so much more..

Oh, wait. I love KARMA!!!!!! When it knocks those down who deserve it. LOL
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Originally Posted by WELDRWOMN View Post
I Trout (the fish)
Awwww, you don't love Trout the kitty?
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Oh geez… I can go on forever with this one LOL
I love life!
I love my family
I love my fur babies
I love my wine
I love Italian food
I love my boyfriend
I love dreaming
I love daydreaming
I love to get in my car and drive nowhere for hours
I love a good book in the bath
I just love life!
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I love The Things I hate thread
lol it makes me smile
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Originally Posted by Krazycatlover View Post
I love The Things I hate thread
lol it makes me smile
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Originally Posted by Krazycatlover View Post
I love The Things I hate thread
lol it makes me smile

hahahaha... yeah, you and me both.
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1~I love my Skye.
2~I love my SO, he is the single most amazing man I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. I can't even think about my future and him not being a part of it.
3~I love my family
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I love so much! I love my family, I love my animals, I love my friends, I love the outdoors, I love helping others, I love my teaching position, I love learning, I love to smile, I love to read a good book, I love warmth, I love beaches, I love all nature, I love sunsets and sunrises, I love traveling, I love going to other countries, I love going to other states, I love good food! , I love walking, I love naps in the sun, and sooo much more!
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love a good game,
love a good book,
love my pets,
love women,
love the wife(which really gets in the way of the one above)
used to love the early morning in woods, during hunting season
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I love

I love Frank Zappa

I love love

I love money

I love german cars

I love motorcycles

I love peace...
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I love my animals
I love my husband (well, most days,....j/k I do love him!)
I love watching my favorite tv shows
I love my spoon rest my nephew helped me paint It always reminds me of him.
I love TCS & Facebook
I love giraffes!!! (actually i'm quite obsessed with them!)
I love my African Dwarf Frog, Ichabad- he's so cute!!
I love my homemade strawberry-banana smoothies
I love baking & cooking
I love God
I love my family (most of them anyways!)
I love painting
I love Yoga
I love my friends I love floral design
I love fostering animals
I love my picture wall in our hallway with all of our favorite family pictures
I love Italian & Vientamese food (probably too much)
I love a good hair cut
I love Lush products (ok, once again obsessed with shopping there)
I love acoustic music
I love playing my guitar and drums
I love singing
I love Frank Sinatra, Green Day, Tina Dico, Elvis, Garth Brooks,Ella Fitzgerald...and more!
I love shopping at Target
I love Christmas ornaments
I love C.O. Bigelow Mentha Lip Shine
I love being a Southern girl!
I love Southern food (in healthy moderation lol!)
I love Beale Street
I love my Dyson
I love being married
I love my house
I love mascarra
I love my ipod (it makes workouts do-able!)
I love planning out how I want to decorate our house
I love PBR & cowboys!
I love good magazines
I love candles (especially Wood Wick!)
I love going for walks with my dogs
I love spending the holidays with my family and having everyone together
I love Pumpkin Spice Frappuccinos from Starbucks
I love cornbread
I love wooden painted bobble-head turtles
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I love God (sorry if I offend anyone)
I love my husband, my family, and everyone of my pets
I love working with teenagers (I'm a Youth Pastor)
I love making people's pets look beautiful (I currently groom dogs fulltime...youth ministry part time, and voluntarily...wish that were swapped)
I love my horse
I love a beautiful sunset
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Maybe I can come up with as many of these as the things that I hate. Gosh I hope so...

I love my husband.

I love my kitties.

I love my friends.

I love my family.

I love the smell of the air just after it has rained.

I love chocolate.

I love Mexican, Italian, and Chinese foods (probably too much).

I love alfredo especially!

I love cheeeeeese.

I love green tea with honey!

I love the sound of a purr.

I love warm hugs on a cold night.

I love reading.

I especially love reading while curled up on my big couch with a cup of tea and some chocolate and a purring cat, all from my previous loves, with a snuggly sweater on.

I love snuggly sweaters!

I love men with long hair! So sexy!

I love dark colors.

I love watching comedians and love when people make fun of things that are taken too seriously sometimes.

I love playing roleplaying games with good friends!

I love telling stories.

I love when someone pays me a compliment. It always makes me feel so good about myself!

I love dragons and unicorns.

I love making A's in my classes.

I love music.

I love meeting someone with similar hobbies and musical tastes!

I love being American!

I love silly socks with bugs or cats or funny sayings on them.

I love to wear the silly socks to work in my office!

I'm sure there are more. This thread helped too.
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More then anything, the top of my list is I love Maia!
I love animals, special soft spot for cats!
I also love my work atmosphere although not always who I work for.....
I love to cook.....
I love a good movie with a good friend.......
I love finding secret escape routes in major traffic jams! (I live in NYC)
I love sleeping in late on my days off....
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Originally Posted by Trouts mom View Post
Awwww, you don't love Trout the kitty?
Actually, if I ever had the pleasure of meeting Trout (the kitty) and Trout's mom (the TCS member) I am sure I would adore both of you.

I just had pan fried trout (the fish) on my mind when I originally posted
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I that my husband and my mom are my best friends. There is nothing better than being able to pick up the phone and call them when needed... for advice, help with the TV, cooking recipes, just to say I love you, to let the grandkids talk to their grandma, etc etc etc. That list could just go on and on.

I love that my Dachshund is about to have babies If she ends up having only 1 I will keep him/her. I really want one out of this litter, esp if it's a girl but I will take a boy, too

I love that I am getting a Bengal in the next 4 months or so... I just hope that Zelda takes to her. I know Kissa will.... Kissa takes to anything.

I love pictures.... I get them done when ever I can of my kids & family.

I love pet stores. I could walk around for hours in one.

I love giraffes. When my 2 year old was born, she almost died... We bought her stuffed Giraffes to sit at the end of her bed in the ICU and they kept her feet warm

I love Turtles - Walking rocks! There is just something so cute about those things...

I love TEA. Yummmmmmmmm... any time I go out I get Iced tea from Sonic!

I love Chocolate.... My fav are snicker bars and Symphony Hershey Bars.

I love technology. ( it's just too bad we don't use it on the environment )

I love art.

I love lip balm - What would I do with out that?

I love Mascara - really the only make-up I wear, I have to have it...

I love mineral powder - my other make up I must have...

I love AMERICAN EAGLE clothes...

I love the smell of a new season coming into play - Halloween on the way, Thanks giving not far behind and Christmas smells are the best...

I can keep going... LOL
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I love...

All my pets, past and present

Horses and everything to do with horseriding


I also love everybodys kitties on TCS!


writing & drawing

cuddly toys

every species of animal ever created

mash potato

spongebob squarepants

walt disney world in florida and the one in Paris

discovery cove and thelma the dolphin

snuggling up by the fire on Xmas eve

Xmas morning

there are many many more, but I don't wanna hijack the thread!
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I love my dh.
I love my daughter and granddaughter.
I love my kitties.
I love my few REAL friends.
I love the support and help from TCS.
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I love:

Riley and Xander
My boyfriend
My son
My family

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I Love:

Bella Forever
My Husband, David
My Daddy
Our kitties, Sophia, Severino, Joey, Lucia, Mario, Pepino & Teddy
Our families
Our friends
Our house
Our horses, especially, Tiamo Bella
The Washington Redskins
Joe Gibbs (Forever the Coach)
Being Itailan
Eating Italian
Laughing till it hurts
My Memories
TCS and all the kitties here
There is more, but I'm tired
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Aw, just the boost I need today.

I love...

My family
My pets
My friends
Helping those that need it
Seeing or hearing about others do the nice / right thing
A good book
A sunny day

And the fact that, no matter what, there is always hope.
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I love the sincerity....

I love TCS!

I love my last name!...
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