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Yet another stray has found its way to me...

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I haven't seen Twitch for a while, but a new stray has meandered its way to my house.It's a large cat, most likely male, and is (from what I could see in the dark) a really pretty sort of silver-gray-brown tabby with white. He possibly has some Persian lineage since he has a large build, a somewhat shorter nose than the norm (and a wider face, too), a short tail, and thick - I mean really, really thick - fur. It's only medium length, but it's much thicker than any of my cats. Of course, it could just be me thinking he might have a bit of Persian somewhere in him since I'm by no means an expert. His fur isn't at all soft like a Persian's but I'm thinking its just the lack of a good diet and the out-and-about lifestyle he's living.

Anyway, he's a really gorgeous boy. I've been calling him Colonel Horsefeather since it suits him so much. He's a bit wary of people, which is why I'm thinking he has been around people but is a stray now, and is quite covered in burrs. No doubt he also has matting with nobody looking after his thick fur, too - I can't see how he could get through it himself. I was able to hold him after he got used to me (I sat in the dark for a good ten minutes with my hand out calling to him), but had him scruffed so I could take him into the garage to inspect him. It was not to be, however, as Peep butted the door open and the Colonel was nowhere to be found. So, if I find him, I'm going to see if I can snag him again and hopefully clean him up a bit before bringing him to the shelter.

From what I saw of him he's a sweet boy, and had I not promised my parents I will not ask for another cat under any circumstances I would see if I could keep him, especially since my cats are obviously familiar with him since he's been snacking on our food for who knows how long. If I had the money I would possibly TNR him, but I think in his situation it would really be best to go to the shelter - that fur cannot be comfortable for him at all in the condition that it's in.

I suppose there's really not much of a point to this post since I can't do anything right now besides wait for him to come back, which he very well may not. It's more of the fact that I'm the only one who cares about what happens to any of the strays around here and I felt the need to share it with other cat people. If I do capture the Colonel again I'll make sure to post it here, though.

Sorry about the really, really, really bad quality of the pic of him - it was dark and the flash on my camera was bad. If the Colonel comes back I'll do my best to get some half-decent photos of him!
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He's a beautiful cat.
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He is gorgeous!!!!!
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