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Hi everybody,

Need some help with my flea problem, it is driving me nuts. I have 2 of my own cats, 1 foster cat and a dog, which is the only one going outside. My neighborhood has a large problem with feral cats and i think thats where my problem starts: I cannot get my flea problem under control. Every 4 week, I run to the vet and get my frontline, I vaccum my carpet and furniture every day, wash my sheets, even purchased some Flea spray for the carpet, which I use once a week, they are still there. I cannot even hold my dog and I get bitten. Everybody is miserable. I research a bit online and i guess I could bath my dog in a thick layer of dawny dish detergent, but my cats will kill me if I even attempted to get them in the tub... Anya advised would be appreciated.
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