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It's beginning!

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Don't want to jinx myself, but I'm very close to finding a perfect Mau girl for my Mau boy. I've attached a pic of just her eyes to show you all the intense green of them. She's already a GC and I have worked out a starting price with her owner. We just need to work out the details.

I can honestly say that it is thanks to this site that I stumbled onto this girl, as FerrisCat has helped me get in contact with the RIGHT people!

Will let you know how it goes. The interesting thing is that this girl is 2 years old... and older woman Will see how Tsekani reacts.
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I hope you get her.
The Pics do not work.
Isnt it nice when someone in the Group helps us. Kai got me a good breeder and my Sphynx is coming in Dec.
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OHHHH nice, but not fair to just give a picture of the eyes! We need to see the ENTIRE cat.

And its probably wise to have an older female with a novice male. Has she had kittens before?
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Hehe.. I don't have permission to post her picture yet, but I'll ask the breeder. I figured a sneak pic of her eyes couldn't hurt. I'm learning so much from FerrisCat and Melanie Morgan of Emau (expert in the field). Tsekani has good genes and contrast, but needs help in the eye colour department and has enough bronze in his background that he may throw tarnish. This female has eyes and type to die for, but is a very light silver. She and he are a really good match in type and colour and we are very excited to see what they produce.

She has never been bred and Tsekani hasn't discovered girls yet, so it will be interesting.
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2 yrs old and never bred? I'm be a bit concerned about this. How often has she been in heat and not bred?
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I can't say much more until I figure out the details, but she may not be quite that old. In any case, she's from a very, very well respected cattery and I am lucky that they even talked to me as I am a novice. At this point I am trusting them to not steer me wrong and I know that the female will be in the best of health.
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True. I hope she's younger. My breeding rex was 14 months when I got her and bred at 16 months. But she was not a female that went in and out of heat a lot. In fact, she would have kittens in spring, nurse thru summer (no heat cycles) and quit in the fall till next January/February!
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Ahhh, those eyes. . . She really is a GEM (Green Eyed Monster)

I'm glad everything is working out for you. Keep us posted on your new girl, and get some pictures up as soon as you are able!
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I just got a letter from CFA - they approved my cattery name of Azshara Egyptian Maus.

It's a name I made up thinking of my dog Asha... and then I realized later it's a zone name in a computer game I used to play.
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OH I like that name Sounds exotic
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I can't speak for other breeds but in my breed (Siberians) its practiced in the country of origin (russia and Siberia) to breed their cats from 2 years to 8 years respectively and no more than 3 litters in 2 months.
Of my 3 current girls, none were bred until at least 1.5 years so by the time they birthed and had the kittens for 3 to 4 months, they are 2 and perhaps older.
I have gotten 2 of my 3 cats as adults as well and they have been in great health and done very well. One was 9 months and the other 11 months. My new girl (won't steal this thread) is 3 years and frankly, I can see the mature type and temperament. Kittens are nice but sometimes an older cat adjusts better than a kitten.
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