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I hate rude customers...I had a real 'doozy' of a nasty customer today...I hate rudeness, for any reason...
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Originally Posted by strange_wings View Post
My GI problems. Seems like I'm stuck with it and I don't understand why I have to be forced to deal with so much pain.

I have lots of pain issues too (migraines and Fibromyalgia being the 'foremost'), and there are days I totally hate those too...but mainly on those 'pity party days' where everything else is going wrong too...I'm always thankful that I always manage to have the strength I need to get through each day; that helps get me through the rest of the days...
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I hate group thinkers. I try so hard not to be that way... (we've all done it one time or another). Group thinkers just go with whatever is "now" and not what is "right".

Example: Co worker of yours lost her baby but the main group of people you socialize with at work say she "aborted". So - now you think horrible thoughts of her and spread the rumors you heard, too.

Or, a new worker just began. Today is her first day but your main group of workers that you socialize with do not know her, and not only do they not know her, your group is so tight you have no room for her, so everyone forms an agreed upon way of handling her - IGNORING HER.

I hate people like that. Can't form their own opinions on their own.
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Originally Posted by Naia View Post
I hate when I get the hiccups.
Originally Posted by junior_j View Post
I hate when I yawn and make a weird sound afterwards.
Originally Posted by Tavia'smom View Post
I hate being broke which I stay a good percentage of the time.
I hate liars.
Originally Posted by Trouts mom View Post
I hate living paycheck to paycheck.
I hate people who assume that I am going to make bad decisions just because I am young.

I hate people who say bad things to me about my husband and our relationship. It is none of their business.

I hate hypocrisy, in religion, politics, and daily life. I wish more people "practiced what they preached," instead of speaking righteously and acting like a-holes.

I hate drugs, prescription and illegal. I hate everything about them and what they do to families and people.

I hate my boss. I am low to admit this, but I am to the point where I now think I may hate her. Hate may be too strong, maybe I just dislike her a lot. I wish she would magically disappear.

I hate doing technical support. It is not that hard to set up your e-mail account in Microsoft Outlook. It really isn't. I shouldn't have to explain it five times. And no, there is nothing I can do about your Spam. I'm a web designer, not a programmer. Buy some software or something.

I hate the smell of cat poop. Yuck!

I hate hospitals.

I hate trying to organize our bank account and financial affairs. I hate that kind of stuff, but my husband hates it more, and I love him. That means that I do it. I still hate it.

I hate washing dishes!

I hate my body. My GI tract is filled with issues and I have constant headaches and I don't think I can do anything about them.

Following that, I hate the health care system that makes it almost impossible for small businesses (like the one I work for) to offer health insurance, and completely impossible for us to get health insurance that is remotely affordable due to our pre-existing conditions (IBS on my part, IBS and diabetes on my husband's.)

I hate it when people insult my cats, my family, or my husband.

I hate people who abuse animals or children. There is a special place in hell for those people.

I hate people that push their religious values on other people. If I wanted to know about their beliefs, I would ask them. Preaching bothers me. I am not offended by anyone else's religion (they should be allowed to believe as they choose), but I wish they would stop trying to convince me that it's the way to go! Argh.

I also hate people that push their political views on other people. I love to talk about issues with anyone who is genuinely curious, but not with people who are determined to change your mind. That just makes me angry. I like my beliefs, thanks!

I hate the weather in Indiana.

I am going to stop now because my post is really long. I bet I could come up with even more things.

I didn't realize that I was such a negative person, or that I needed to vent so much. Thanks for this thread.
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I hate......
cigarette smoke
animal abuse
living in NYC
traffic jams
my birthday/getting older!
not being able to afford furniture!
and more then I care to mention!
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I strongly dislike Ohio

I almost hate having to live in Ohio

I generally dislike the weather here (too much sun and humidity, not enough rain and snow)

I hate people's attitudes here about weather and nature (clean it up, and avoid it if at all possible - and for Heaven's sake, get an umbrella because God forid that a single drop of rain touches you)
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but..but..but.. i may melt if i get rained on hehe.
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I hate dealing with people everyday who are to STUPID to follow the simple directions on a form (are you married....yes or no?) and then blame ME and yell at ME because their form didn't process so they didn't get their money.

I hate the same people that give me a sob story about how they are going to "suddenly": 1)lose their house, 2)lose their car, 3) will have to move the entire family to their car (thought you were going to lose that) or 4) shoot themselves because they didn't get mentioned money. Again....READ THE INSTRUCTIONS AND FILL THE FORM OUT CORRECTLY!!! I don't CARE about your problems! I heard the same story from 10 other callers and I've only been here for an hour! Let me tell you about MY problems....

I hate people that blame me because their retirement is invested 100% in the stock market and they've lost $20,000 in the last month. Like I have any influence on the stock market. I think it would be nice to have $20,000 to lose and still have a nice balance left over. And, yes...I "stole" the money out of your account and am planning to take a month long trip around the world. And, no I DON'T have a crystal ball that will tell me what the stock market is going to to tomorrow, next week or next year so STOP ASKING ME!!!

Oh, did I mention I hate my job?
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I hate all this media mudslinging going on right now.
I hate Obama and his mouthy wife.
I hate people that meet you one time and then you are their best friend.
I hate animal abusers.
I hate people that use their children as pawns in any situation.
I hate my evil sister.
I hate the cable company.
I hate my stupid bank.
I hate my ex son-in-law.
I hate Directv.
I hate my dh's car.
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Originally Posted by krazy kat2 View Post
I hate people that use their children as pawns in any situation.

I hate people who smoke and think that everyone else should just tolerate it because it's part of who they are and what they do. DUDE.... I do not want cancer. I do not want black lungs, and most of all - I do not want to smell it. It freaking stinks! It really seriously does! Smoke away from parks(for kids) Smoke away from entrances where others have to walk through your cancer clouds. Mkay? Thanks.

I hattttttttttttttttttttteeeeeeeeeee colds. I am so sick of catching them. I know "some one" who's kids are always freaking sick and they are family so it's not like I can tell them to take a hike. I understand kids get sick, so do mine - but when your kid is sick, WARN THEM BEFORE THEY COME OVER.
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I hate it when...

People are bullies and take the mick out of each other, and me I was bullied for nearly 4 years, so my confidence isn't high

and another pet peeve I have is when people talk with their mouth full and slop their food!
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I hate it when people attack others or there beliefs to make themselves or their beliefs look better.
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Originally Posted by calico2222 View Post
Oh, did I mention I hate my job?
....Oh my!

I hate the hipocresy!...
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Originally Posted by Trouts mom View Post

I hate living paycheck to paycheck.
being broke sucks
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I dislike (don't like the word hate )

Parents who are clueless to what their kids are doing. They're either too busy, or wrapped up in their own "drama" to see that their kids NEED them. And then teachers, neighbors and everyone else in school has to deal with the out-of-control kids (yes, I live near some, and both girls have had to deal with kids like this at some time or another in a class).

The parking lot at dd's high school in the morning. Ugh. It's a free-for-all there. Cars come at you from every angle. You've got the kids who are "Oh man- I gotta hurry and get into school or they're gonna send me to the tardy table if I'm late for homeroom again". The parents who are running late and trying to drop their kids off. I've only had to drive her in a couple of times this year, I have decided it is NOT my favorite thing to do. Needless to say, she HAS to make the bus on time

This economy. All I want is a JOB. Just because my resume has a big gaping hole in it b/c I was a stay-at-home parent for years, and I've been trying for the last 6 YEARS to get this RN degree (and I'm now currently trying to get into school #2) does NOT make me a horrible employee.

That's all
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I hate it when people don't use an ounce of common sense
I hate braggarts
I hate back stabbers
I hate idiot drivers
I hate fake people
I hate rude people
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Originally Posted by Sneakymom View Post

This economy. All I want is a JOB. Just because my resume has a big gaping hole in it b/c I was a stay-at-home parent for years, and I've been trying for the last 6 YEARS to get this RN degree (and I'm now currently trying to get into school #2) does NOT make me a horrible employee.

That's all

Being a stay at home PARENT is a big job, biggest job there is in life. We should totally get something for that. It sure takes a lot of skill and patience + so much more. I hate it for you. lol...

I hate people who "bum" off others to get by.
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I hate it when people complain about living situations, city they live in, job they have, etc and then do absolutely nothing to change said problem. It's like, if you don't like where you live, MOVE! If you don't like your job, look for another one! That's hypocrisy, right?
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I hate the lack of manners and respect towards others and other peoples' property, that is seen in most of the younger generation of today.
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I hate when people chew with their mouths open and smack their lips.

I also hate when people try to talk with a full mouth and cover it with their hand while doing so.

I hate when people say "Can I ask you a question?" Did'nt really give me a choice there did ya sunshine?

I hate when people talk in netspeak such as IDK or IDC to me it just seems childish, I understand it in texting because you have a limited amount of space and you sometimes just want to get it all in.

I hate when people get an animal because its cute...especially when they have no idea of what care is involved for that animal, nor do they have the respect for the animal to take it to the vet when the animal is sick...because hey its "just an animal"

I hate stupid people, for example I worked with a girl who was 7 months pregnant, A few friends and I were discussing the war when this girl looked over and said "We are in war, what war, are you serious?!"

I hate people who have no respect for other people, Im a smoker but will ask before I smoke in someones house on on their property even if they smoke, I also ask when I'm in a crowd of people(smokers or not) if they mind of I smoke one before I light up.(I had quit again but due to recent stress started back I know that's not an excuse but sometimes it seems to be the only thing I have to bide my time while I think about the situation)

I hate rude people or people that think that they are better than you because of the title behind their name, I don't care if you're a doctor I'm sure you worked hard for it and that's awesome but dont rub it in my face because I chose to do something else with my life!

I hate people who when you're sick they've got it worse, they hurt worse of vomit more often or have a higher temperature, they are also the same way when you've been somewhere, they've been there done it better had more fun saw more things.(my SIL is bad for this she does it all the time! For example, When I tore my ACL,she supposedly broke her ankle and laid on the couch for two days with an ace wrap then quickly recovered on the 3rd day to go to an amusement park)

I hate people who judge other people...IE shes/hes overweight so she must love mcdonalds,or she/he wears all black all the time so she/he must be depressed and suicidal or she/he has tattoos and piercings they will probably steal something!
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Originally Posted by MommysMeows View Post
I hate bad mothers who drag their kids through their bullcrap.

I hate people who say one thing, and do another. How can you even dare talk about not drinking and driving if you have a DUI record, not 1, but two... and a WARRANT for it!?

I hate people who hit/kick pets.

I hate people that blame others for their own actions. " If she had not made me so angry I wouldn't have smacked her " Then once they get in trouble it's the poor me, can you believe the fake order she got on me? Then get revenge for the order that they got for your FIRST action.

I hate people who can dish it, but never taste it to see how it might be to have to eat it yourself.


I hate LIARS.

I hate Child Abusers

I hate people who joke about abusing children: There is nothing funny about shaking a baby!

I hate these cookies I can't stop eating
what about father;s who do that.?
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Originally Posted by Mer636 View Post
I hate when people get mad at me at work when I ask for ID when the name on your credit card is either worn off or not signed!!

Hello! i'm just doing it for your sake incase the card is stolen!

Would they prefer it if we allowed a stolen credit card (or check) to be used??

I don't really "hate" anything, but there are things I certainly dislike:

Abusive people (towards animals, kids, anybody).
People who abuse the system (i.e., welfare, disability, etc.)
People who are rude or selfish.
Liars & cheaters.
People who use their cellphones while driving!
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