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Hi y'all

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How are you all I'm 16 and i own 1 "mutt" cat and 12 persians.
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Welcome there!

The last cat show i went, a white persian kitty won best kitten.. that baby was GORGEOUS!! i can tell a lot of work is needed for Persian kitties.

Smiles and Cheers!
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Hey! Welcome to TCS!! Hope you like it here as much as I do!!

P.S. -- Are you originally from the south? You're the only other person besides me that I've seen use the word "y'all," lol. I'm born and raised in GA. Just curious.
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Hi LordTarax - welcome to the board! I hope you enjoy your time here! Oh, and we'd love to see pictures of your kitties...
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Thank you all for the warm welcome.
I hope that I enjoy this site as much as some of my friends do.
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Now, now - the term "mutt" is not politically correct. You'll have the Speech Police all over you.

Non-pedigreed kitties prefer the term "of multiple ancestry".
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Hello and welcome!
12 Persians! That must be a lot of grooming!! I hope you can post some pictures so we can see your furrbabies!
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Hello and Welcome to TCS I breed and Show Persian & Exotic Cats Hope we can exchange pictures Sam
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Hi there! I moved this to the forum where we welcome new people...please tell us more about yourself! I am so glad you have joined us here.
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Welcome to the site! Hope you enjoy it here, too! There's a lot to enjoy, so be prepared to become quickly addicted.
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