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Small world

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DO you remember xfactor last year , a couple in the final free called same difference the brother and sister act?

Well they came 3rd place , anywho today in class our teachin assistant admitted to us (the pupils) she is their mother , we were so shocked lol.

Just thought it was weird we didnt know..considering we all love the x factor
Jess x
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I've never watched Xfactor, but I too have a small world experience.

There's a guy I work with in Charleston, who actually had lived in NJ before. We were talking and it turns out he went to high school the same time my mom did ... at the rival school. His wife went to school with my mom. And I "lived" in the same town while my grandma raised me. Now we're both in Charleston The Navy brought him down, and the reason I ended up here was because of Rob, who also was brought here by the Navy! (his dad was in it).
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I've had something like that happen! I don't watch the show but I found out that my cousin's best friend (Ronnie) was on Make Me A Supermodel. The funny thing is I have a photo of me and him because we were both in my cousin's wedding party and they paired us up to walk into the reception together.
My cousin actually got to be on the show because they filmed the contestants with their friends and families getting the news they were picked for the show.
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Originally Posted by junior_j View Post
DO you remember xfactor last year , a couple in the final free called same difference the brother and sister act?
Was that the sickly sweet couple?. I didn't know she had children, but there you go.

She was a pretty girl if it's the ones i think it is.
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Oh wow

I've never had one of those kinda experiences bfore lol. I've been to concerts etc, but once I was on camera whilst at crufts!
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...Unfortunately I wasn´t able to see that TV show,...
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No lol the mother of the sickly sweet couple is my teacher!! lol sean and sarah themselfs dont have kids.. to my knowledge
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One of the teachers at my High School was on Survivor. I hate the show, but I think he was on season 12? It was in 2006 He got kicked off because of health reasons. Bruce Kanegai, for any of y'all who watch the show.

I went to elementry school with John Cloud Vandamn's son and nephew. Are principle was totally star struck by him

I went to school with a girl who had the same last name as I did, I have a common last name so I didn't think much of it. One day are parents meet and started talking. Turns out my dad and her dad served in the milatry together on the same base for awhile and never met!
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Weird how we are all connected one way or another lol
Jess x
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I haven't had any "small world" experiences with celebraties, but shortly after I moved to Guam, I had to train a new guy at work. We got to talking and I asked him where he was from (because he obviously wasn't local). He said "oh, a small town in Maryland that you probably never heard of" and told me the name. It was my home town!! Pop is only about 20,000 so that was weird to begin with. So, we talked about where we went to school, local hang outs, etc. I found out he was about 6 years younger than I. Later, talking to my mom, I told her his name and realized he actually did yard work for my parents one summer! I ran into him almost everyday when I left to go to work that year, and didn't even pay any attention. After I got to know him, I realized why I didn't pay any attention...he was an idiot. But, it was still cool I finally met him 10,000 miles from home.
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I had an old friend that was on “Flavor of Loveâ€. Where i used to work this guy I was friends with always talked about how hot this one girl on the show was. I never watched the show but saw a rerun of it a year later and decided to watch to see what girl my friend liked… Well it was a girl I went to school with and used to hang out with.. it was kind of funny lol.
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Oh I loved "Flavor of Love" both seasons and "Rock of Love". I also watched "I love New York" and "Charm School" Which girl was it if you don't mind me asking?
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LOL I loved "I love New York".

This girl was in Charmed school as well. She was "Smiley" on "Flavor of Love".

She was a really nice girl... they made her seem really slutty in one of those shows. Either Charmed school or some update show on the girls. I was actually very surprised. She was the one that made it to the top three but was still in love with her ex.
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Jess and I recently went on a quick overnight vacation/getaway to a town about four hours away. We stayed at a small bed and breakfast. Turns out that the woman who owns the bed and breakfast is like, best friends with the artist who does both of our tattoo work! The woman's older sister is the godmother to one of our artist's daughters.

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I thought of another thing that fits this thread... A few years ago I went to Minneapolis with some friends (2 states away from home.) We were at the Mall of America and a friend and I were going up an escalator, when we looked over at the down escalator we saw someone we knew from Chicago! A friend of the person I was there with (who I'd also known for years and used to live across the street from me.) Neither of us knew she was even in Minneapolis. It was very weird suddenly seeing her in another state like that!
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Originally Posted by junior_j View Post
No lol the mother of the sickly sweet couple is my teacher!!
Oh right, i'm with you now!
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