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The most cats!?

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Who here has the most kitties?

Post how many you have peeps!

And to make it interesting, the person who has out-kittied everyone else by tomorrow gets a gift from yours truly

To start ya'll off, I have the 1.
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I have one
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I have 3!
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Currently two.

But years ago we had over 30. All named.
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We have 3 right now.
Gracie, Annabelle and Elliott
But we're still on the lookout for another orange girl.
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6 living with us
11 living at my DH's store
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One and he's enough for now!
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Just one, but I want ALL of them... does that count?
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officially, i have 5. unofficially, i really don't know - the ferals come & go.
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16 if I counted right. Plus ferals, wanderers, etc. Oh wait, 22 if you count the fosters.
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2 are mine, 2 belong to the wife.
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3 2 indoor and 1 semi feral outside.
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I only have 5...I know there's others who have more than that...
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I have 4 but catwoman69 has over 60 so i think she has everyone beat.
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I have five and I think its staying at that for a looong time to come. If you count the strays that come around, then its up to eight, though.
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I have 10 kitties in my home right now. However 7 of them are fosters (one litter of feral rescues)...
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I only have 3, but I'm on waiting lists for 3 more. Two of them will hopefully be born in Jan/Feb next year.
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I have six. I only ever intended to have one, the first one I got last year. Then Shareena's sister was going to be taken to a shelter, so I brought her home instead. Next a little stray showed up and didn't go away or get claimed by anyone else, so I brought her into the house. Of course, she fell to bits after a few weeks and gave me an additional 3 little fuzzballs.
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I have 24 (6 are under 8 months and were failed fosters. No fosters currently.

We have had over 30 at one point.
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I would have made the winner catwoman69, but she didn't post herself



and 2nd place...

white cat lover!

ah what the heck, both of you can have a gift!


p.s: I'm sorry to those of you who may have more but didn't get to post in time
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Its ok she is mad at the group and will not post here.
Sorry about that.
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Oh ok.

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No she is mad at a few people in this Group.
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She probably hasn't got time to post with 60 bowls to fill lol
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She has alot more pets also.
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10- all indoors.
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Currently 8 of my own, 2 who are waiting for the papers so my daughter can adopt them, a stray I am nursing and two foster kittens - 13 in all.
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Wow! 69 cats! And I thought we had a houseful!

We currently have ten (indoor cats, that is): Maverick, Geronimo, Winchester, Spencer, Gabriel, Salem, Jinx, Ricochet, Cassidy, & Chiquita.

I've lost count of how many strays we've been feeding, but I'd say it was around 15 or so.
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