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Help! Anal Gland Infection?

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I'm trying to figure out what's wrong with my cat Lola. We've been to our vet twice already and she seems stumped as to what is wrong. At least once a day Lola leaks this yellow fluid out of her behind. I've looked around online and it sounds like this stuff is the liquid from her anal glands. She also keeps going to the litter and trying to make a bowl movement, but most of the time nothing happens. Every now and then she lets out a little small squirt of brown liquid. She crys a lot like she is in pain and it's hard to get her to eat even though the vet put her on an apetite stimulant. She has also thrown up some undigested food a few times.

I keep thinking she is constitpated, but the vet has done an x-ray and checked her for constipation already. Does anyone have any ideas? Could she have an infection in her anal glands? I've mentioned this to the vet several times since she had an issue with them previously. We are waiting on blood work, but she seems to be getting sicker and I'm really worried.

Last year she almost died from a severe allergic reaction to an ear medication. It took months to nurse her back to health. She has been perfectly healthy for the past 7 months. I don't think I could handle losing her now after all that we went through last year.
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My prayers are with you and Lola. -hugs-
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I think it's time for a second opinion. I would definitely get a second opinion even at an emergency clinic. This does not sound good and there shouldn't be any need for your cat to be in pain while the first vet is "stumped".
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Originally Posted by Yosemite View Post
I think it's time for a second opinion. I would definitely get a second opinion even at an emergency clinic. This does not sound good and there shouldn't be any need for your cat to be in pain while the first vet is "stumped".

Maybe a different vet will be familiar with her symptoms and be able to help.
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"Every now and then she lets out a little small squirt of brown liquid."
That brown liquid is scent sac fluid.

Did your vet express Lola's scent sacs at one of your recent visits?
If the fluid looked OK then she might be able to rule out a scant sac issue, then look in another area.

The yellow fluid might be something else.
Along with the blood, did your vet do a urinalysis to rule out crystals or a bladder infection?

As you know, pain is a symptom that needs to be taken seriously.
if your vet can't find out why this is happening, I would get Lola into a specialist practice or at the very least, get a second opinion, asap.

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The vet just called and her blood results are fine, so now they want a stool sample and a urine sample. I'm not sure what other vet to go to for a second opinion because last time she was sick I took her to several different vets and most of them were useless. Her current vet was the best one of the bunch. I'm going to see if I can get her into the specialist, but I'm scared about the amount of time that is being waisted waiting for appointments.

Does anyone know of any good vets in the metro detroit area?
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Several months ago they expressed her anal glands and said that they were extremely full. She had been scooting along the floor prior to this visit. She seemed fine after they did this.

My vet has not done a urinalysis. I didn't think of it at first, but maybe she has a urinary infection? It looks like from what I can find online cats can have bowl problems and appear constipated sometimes when it's actually a urinary problem.

We first took her to the vet saturday when she wasn't eating. Today is the first day that my vet has asked for a urine sample and a fecal sample. I'm at work now and I can't get this stuff to her until tomorrow. I already took off time to take her to the vet yesterday and I don't think they have anymore patience for me and my vet visits. She was a lot healthier looking on Saturday then she is today, so I wish the vet would have asked for this on Saturday. My Boyfriend is trying to get out of work early to see if he can get the samples before the vet closes. Otherwise maybe I can take these samples to the 24 hour vet and get her help faster. I hope we haven't waisted too much time.
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It's possible it could be a urinary infection, because when one of my boys Patch started to get a UTI he acted differently then his other brother who is prone to UTI's, that I thought he was having problems with a bowel movement, I even took him into the ER telling them that I thought it had something to do with his bowels, it turned out he had a bad UTI. Good luck, Prayers and for your little girl.
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It sounds like you have trust in your vet...
that is important to your mental well being.

Specialists are very expensive but if Lola continues to show symptoms, you might ask your vet if she feel a referral would be in order.

You vet should be able to express urine from Lola's bladder if there is plenty of urine in it....
my vet usually does a needle draw....simple and quick.

If you must wait until tomorrow, be sure to refrigerate the poo sample.
Just be sure to label it "Not a Tootsie Roll."

Our kitties never become ill at a convenient time.
Sending vibes that your vet is able to get a diagnosis with a quick, easy solution.

Feel better Lola
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I took her to the emergency vet last night. I hadn't been able to get a urine sample to take to my vet before she closed at 5:00PM, so I didn't want to wait another day. The emergency vet told me she had a urinary infection and that all of her pushing had probably caused inflamation which made her think she had to make a bowel movement even though there wasn't really much stool left in her system. He gave her some fluids, antibiotics, and something for her tummy. Also, one of the medicines is supposed to make her sleepy which he says will calm her down a bit, so she won't keep trying to push out something that isn't there. She seemed pretty relaxed all night and this morning she came for her breakfast! I'm hoping this is the answer and she will get better now. Thanks so much for your comment about the vet being able to get a urine sample on their own. I didn't know this was possible, since my vet never mentioned it. It helped to know I could get this done because I knew what to ask the emergency vet when I got there.
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It looks like it was a urinary infection. I took her to the emergency vet last night and she seems to be doing better now!
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I would call my vets office to have them update Lola's chart and definitely a followup if Lola does not improve signifantly...quickly.

You are taking wonderful care of Lola.
Let us know how her healing progresses.
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