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Question of the Day - October 7th!!

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How often do you eat out?

I used to eat out 2-3 times a week, but I realized how bad the fast food was making me feel so now I very rarely eat out.
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Every day for lunch, but I really don't have another option unless I want to eat at my desk which I refuse to do. I'm one of those people that just has to get out for a while each day. Sitting here through my lunch break would drive me nutty.
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Well we went to a wedding on Sept 26th, does that constitute eating out?? And another Wedding this Saturday!!
We go out perhaps a couple times/month and not to fast food places either.
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waaaaay to often sometimes for lunch, sometimes for dinner, sometimes for both
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With friends for dinner about twice a month
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Two or three times a month. I usually have dinner out with my sister once, and friends a couple of times..
And if eating at someone else house counts, I have dinner with my aunt at her house a couple times as well..
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Usually 4-5 times a week, but lately I have been trying to eat much healthier.
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Maybe a couple of times a month, if friends are going out. But I'm like my mom. Why spend the money when I have perfectly good food at home and I can cook!

Getting together with friends is nice, though.
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We usually eat lunch out every Saturday and Sunday.
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2-3 times a week
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We used to eat out almost every night! Now we eat out 1-3x a week.

Saturday is our date night and is a definite "go out to eat" night, and usually isn't fast food ever, but a decent sit-down restaurant.
Fridays is our "go out for lunch together" day.

This week we've added 1 more go out for lunch day because my team leader wanted to have lunch with Rob & I (he was Rob's team leader for a few years when Rob worked in here)
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Once per month!...
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Lunch usually once a week or so, occasionally twice. Dinner usually a couple of times a month. Cooking is not a chore for me, it's my therapy, so eating out is seldom because the cook's on strike, not that that doesn't ever happen, but... But we do eat out with friends from time to time, or hear of a new place we'd like to try, or decide that getting dinner before some event is going to be too much of a rush and we'll grab a bite on the way home, rather than getting into cooking and cleaning up at bedtime.

ETA: Oh, and fast food has a place: when the alternative is no food.
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2-3 times a week, maybe more, maybe less
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Once every week or two... when I'm really tired of cooking.
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Monday through Friday, I almost always eat lunch "out," but often that means just eating in the dining hall at work. Once a week, usually Friday, I go out to a restaurant for dinner.
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Once a month (if i'm lucky)
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My BF and I have a "date" night on Saturday and sometimes we go out for breakfast... sooooo... I would say twice a week. Once a quarter we go someplace really nice, as a treat.

Generally, it's too expensive and I'm a good cook. Even breakfast is special - on the weekends - like multigrain berry pancakes or scrambled eggs with sauteed veggies and goat cheese, etc.
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1-2 times per week.
We get the Delite Pizza from Papa Murphy's once a week and Chinese once a week
I get Dim Sum and my husband gets sweet&sour pork.
We do get Subway sometimes also.
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A lot...If we're going by number of meals then at least nine times a week easily.
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I eat lunch in the cafeteria every day that I work. Sometimes I go out with a friend for lunch on my day off. Going out for dinner only happens a couple of times a month, and usually with my parents.
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