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Taking mom from the babies for bath

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Ok, mom is a stray cat that i've been taking care of. Her babies are all healthy and happy and things are good.

But mom, being a stray, STINKS. it's not pungent or anything, but when i get close I can just smell it and her coat is a little greasy. I'm not experienced enough to give her a bath without her causing more damage to my arms than helping her smell, so I was thinking of taking her to PetCo for a bath.

Is it really bad to separate mom from her kiddlets for a couple hours?
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If you bath her she will smell different to the kittens and I'm no expert but I can't think that would be a good thing not the mention the stress .

Can you maybe just wipe her down with a damp cloth or some folks have suggested baby wipes but I'd check that out with someone who knows more than I considering there might be something toxic to the cat that she would lick off. Do you have a regular vet that you could call for some advice?
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I certainly wouldn't traumatize her with a ride to Petco and a bath by a stranger. A nice warm sponge bath at home would be OK. All you may really need to do is give her a good brushing and get the old hairs out.

Start with the least intrusive option and go from there.
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I agree with a wipe down only. I think it would be too much trauma for her right now.
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OK thanks. I've got some of those cat wipes I had from where mine were kittens. I'll use those.

Thanks again.
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In this case since you are not comfortable with bathing at home, I agree to use the wipes or a warm washcloth to wipe her off the best you can.

When the kittens are about 6-8 weeks old, then make arrangaments to give her a bath. I'm hoping you will keep the kittens for 10-12 weeks minimum and get mom spayed as soon as possible after they are 8-9 weeks old and pretty much done weaning. Don't let her back outside without being spayed.
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You can also take the cat to your vet and have them give her a bath. Our vet charges 20 bucks. I would trust my vet before I would trust petco with a cat.

The vet can give her a mild sedative too, and even sponge off the kittens so they all smell the same.

Just another option.

I had them do it for my stray who now has 7 3.5 week old babes. She was FILTHY.
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I think bathing her or taking her somewhere else to be bathed would be too scary for a feral, particularly a new mother, who is likely to be scared already. I agree, wipes are the least threatening option, and should do the trick. She'll be able to do the rest.
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