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titania, known as tita crossed the bridge on saturday with her family by her side.

she was 18 years old, an incredible age for an incredible persian beauty.

my dear friend bred little tita and the most tragic thing to me is that tita was the last in a long line of cats that my friend has had over the years.

this brave and gorgeous girl lived her last year in darkness, but coped extremely well with the help of an understanding family.

RIP my sweet friend. you are reunited with your mum, dad and siblings now, in particular your loving brother oberon.
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Bless her heart. Titania's sight is restored again now that she's over the bridge with her family

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So sorry about titania.
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Awwwww RIP Titania
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Im sure she is a sweet angel.
Rest In Peace Titania
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Rest In Peace sweet girl
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thank you everyone for your kind words. i will pass them onto my friend.
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Rest in Peace Titania.
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What a beautiful tribute to a grand lady.
Rest in peace Titania.
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I'm so sorry. It sounds as if Titaniia was truly and deeply loved.
A (((big hug))) to you, sweetie.
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Play happily over RB, Tita You obviously brought joy and wonderful memories to your loving family; enjoy your well-earned reward, precious kitty
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