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Annie is a fruit loop

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Today I had to explain to little Annie what "obligate carnivore" means. Then she wanted to play with my hand and chew on my hair. I don't think she cares.

When I came home for lunch, I had some leftover tuna casserole and we had gotten some fresh baked French bread last night so I cut a couple of slices of bread to go with it. After I was done, I set my bowl (with TUNA and CHEESE remnants) in the sink and went back to the living room. I hear some rustling in the kitchen and count kitties. Annie is on the counter, again. I go in there looking toward the sink thinking that had to be what she was into. Nope, other counter...licking up the bread crumbs off the cutting board. She had been to the bowl in the sink (I heard silverware clink) and she decided she liked the bread better.
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I think they really like the yeastiness of bread. I have to watch Much when we have crackers because she will be a pest. I can sit beside her with a salmon salad and she leave me alone, but she won't leave my crackers alone.
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Interesting! My cats won't touch bread or biscuits unless there's some "fishy" spread on it.
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Silly Kitty!
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Awww what a lovable little silly
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Awww, silly Annie.
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Reminds me of the time Arwen swiped at my pizza slice once, she knocked off the topping I had on it....cheese and pepperoni Then she sat and ate it.
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Annie, you're such a silly girl!
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Ari loves croissants.

And lettuce.

I gave up with the carnivore speech.
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I also gave up on the carnivore speech with Pixie...
Her favorite thing is bean sprouts..if I am having Chinese as soon as it comes out of the bag she is right there for her share...
So don't worry about little Annie, just consider her a kitty of discerning tastes..
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Sammy likes to eat potato chips He will steal them out of the bag when I'm not looking
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Smudgey loves muffins

I am amazed Annie preferred the bread over the other tasty food though!
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Too bad they dont understand when we are trying to give them something good. mine beg for fruit!
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I'm glad there's more fruit loops out there than just my Annie! When I saw her doing that, I immediately thought of 8-Bit and Heather not being able to leave flour or bread out or he would get into it and eat it.

She is a strange little cat, though, that's for sure!
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That's so cute. Speck is the first cat I've had that won't touch table food. In the past, when we've brought fish home for dinner, we've been covered in cats.
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Annie sounds like such a funny kitty

Marcie prefers meats and cheese, but she really likes spinach and she won't leave my cheerios alone either
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I used to store my bread on top of the refrigerator (don't ask why, my mother used to do it so I did it). I had to start putting my bread behind locked doors in about 1992. One of my cats at the time, Little Mom (thus named because she looked like her feral mom who was simply called Mom), tried to jump on top of the fridge, landed her front feet on the cloth placemat that was under the bread, the placemat gave way and she toppled to the floor. On the way down, she smacked her face on the counter and dislocated her jaw.

One emergency trip to the vet later, I realized that cats really love bread and it was now a dangerous item in my house. Whoda thunk?

(Little Mom's jaw was reset and was eating normally in about a week)
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When Tygar lived with the rest of my family she reportedly grabbed a whole loaf of bread by the bag and tried to run off with it!
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Gabriel just loves bread, and pastrie foods, too. He has a sweet tooth, and whenever I'm eating something sweet (sans chocolate) I have to give him a little or he won't leave me alone.

When I had BuffPuff, I had to hide the bakery items b/c if I didn't, he'd chew right through the bag and eat them.
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I found out something today...Ginger Cookie is a fruit loop too! Like Gabriel, she has a sweet tooth too, apparently. I thought cats weren't supposed to like sweets?

I found my favorite "holiday" treat - the big package of Walker's Shortbread Cookies. So I was eating a couple today and Ginger wants a sniff. OK...then she started licking and trying to nibble a piece! Ginger is not usually that forward with food. She usually has to have it laid down on the ground and then she sniffs at it for a while and if she decides she likes it then she delicately picks it up. Oh no. Not with Shortbread. She loves that stuff! She wouldn't even let Mojo come near the little bit I broke off for her!

So Cookie likes cookies!
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Thank God I don't have the only Fruit loops! Lets see.....Mr. Blue loves turnip greens, Miss Kitty loved spaghetti, and Heidi? .....I caught my YumYum licking the cutting board the other day....and the only thing I'd cut on it was fresh tomatoes......
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