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I know this is a cat site, but...

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I just read about this and it broke my heart....maybe if enough people find out about it, the rule could be changed? I just dont understand, what is the reasoning behind this....It only seems to be good to everyone as far as I can see....I so wanted it to just be a bad rumor, but it seems real...
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What is their problem?
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I wonder if it has anything to do with rabies.

It is very very sad, but if that is the reason then I can see why they need to be extremely careful.
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I dount its because of rabies. Isn't there some quarantine period for such animals? Its doubtful that the animal can interact with the soldiers for long periods of time in Iraq, then suddenly develop rabies upon reaching the US.

I think the rule that soldiers cannot befriend animals while on duty is complete and utter rubbish. Its great that organisations lie Bahgdad Pups exists, and I hope that there will be many more success stories to come.
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I've always believed there are some individuals who are just plain mean that join the armed forces so they can legitimately be bullies. They are probably the ones that rise to the higher levels.
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Wow. That's... horrifying.

Poor Ratchet. Play sweetly across the bridge, if you are so unfairly punished.
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Ratchet, in fact, made it home last week. I read the news story at work but got too busy to post it, then forgot about it

But, he is now safe with his human's family in Minneapolis.
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UPDATE 10-23:
Ratchet has come home! He arrived in MN on Oct 22nd. Read about it and see some news footage here:

UPDATE 10-15:
Ratchet wasn't released in time to make the Baghdad Pups rescue flight today, but he was released! Baghdad Pups is going to go back for him on Sunday:

UPDATE 10-14:

Ratchet is alive, despite the fact that someone put him in a meat freezer for over 8 hours this weekend. Baghdad Pups is attempting to make another rescue attempt this week. Please keep your fingers crossed for him!

This was actually on the top of the page that the OP linked.

I'm glad that he made it home safely.
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Yeah, I was going to say that on that first link, there's an update right up close to the top of the page that the dog was brought to the U.S. already.
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