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He won't come inside=(

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My beloved Winston got let out by my room mate who is a total MORON!!! He leaves for work at 4 AM and apparently he let my cat out. He has no come back yet and right now I keep going to the door to call him and I was loking for him and I can't find him anywhere =(!! I'm so frightened someone picked him up because he has no collar on..Plus where I live there are a lot of big dogs =( I hope he comes back in... i even went outside with is favorite... Tuna... but nothing.. I'm starting to get worried now... I know when i find him he is getting micro chipped.
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Well good news to all of you i just got him in....
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AWW! Good for you!!!!
Definitely try and put a strong foot down with your roommate about the door so this doesn't happen again. When I am not home/when I am sleeping my two kittens are in my room because I don't trust my roommate with the door either! Too absentminded!!!!
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Whew, glad you found him. Maybe its time to get him a collar, just in case the room mate lets him out again
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Glad he came back safe and sound. It is scary when they get out on us. Harley got out one night and we couldn't find him, and DH thought to get the laser pointer (it's got a key ring attached) and as soon as he heard that key chain he came running! If it ever happens again (god forbid!) try taking out his favorite toy, or open a can of food outside if you feed him wet food.
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I'm glad to hear he's back now!

But please, save yourself the heartache in the future- do the responsible thing and have him microchipped and make sure he is wearing a proper fitting collar with ID at all times. I can't tell you how many cats came into the shelter when I used to work for animal control- hardly any of them were ever reunited with owners because the owners didn't microchip or tag them properly. The very few who were wearing collars with proper id or microchips always stood a much better chance of being reunited with their families.

If you have your kitty microchipped -be sure to register it! You'd be suprised how many people do not register in the first place or forget to renew (depends on the chip - 24 Hour pet watch you don't renew, but home again you do in most cases). When an animal isn't registered, it's pretty much wasting a microchip and hardly ever helps the animal be reunited with its family....so make sure he's properly registered as well once you have him chipped.
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collar, bell, tag, and microchip!!! and if your roommate continues to be a moron, get a new roommate!!! seriously, though, he needs to take the safety of your cat seriously enough to be responsible about the door, and if he can't manage it, replace him!!!
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