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2month old, with worms, has vomited and has a fever... HELP!

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My parents brought home Friday an abandoned kitten, who's 2 months old. We took her to the ver saturday, she's too thin and had a swollen tummy, probably parasites. The vet gave her a pill for that. She tested the kitty for feline leukhemia and feline "AIDS", she's negative. She had a fever, but since she was active and eating, the vet said it could be due to stress.

She told us to keep an eye on the cat, and call her if she has diarhea (sp?) or if she vomited. We could also check her temperature, and we should call if she had more than 38,8º C.

When Cuca (the kitten) arrived, her stools were dark and firm, and last night they were a bif soft and light brown. I called the vet today, and she said to stop giving her the kitten milk, and that the soft stools were probably caused by the changes in food. Her stools got firmer during the day.

We have food at her disposal, she eats when she wants, we have a mix of Purina One for kittens and Royal Canin BabyCat. She eats a LOT, and also poops a lot. Just an hour ago, she vomited a LOT of food, it was all dry food. I'm worried because I don't know if she vomited because she got sick or because she ate too much.

My mom and I decided to check her temperature, I used a digital thermometer, but because Cuca was swirming and meowing, I was afraid I was hurting her and didn't let the thermometer in until it beeped. Her temperature had passed a bit the 39ºC.

I called the vet we took her to on Saturday, but it's closed and no one answered. It's midnight here

Other than that, she's active, she plays, she eats, drinks, meows, runs everywhere, jumps on just about every piece of furniture, she's not acting sick. We have an older cat (10year old), and they are getting to know eachother, he still hisses at her and tried to tell her he's in charge, but she sometimes gets scared and runs off. Can his presence be causing her stress, and hence the high temperature?

I am reading too much into this? Should I take her to an emergency vet right now? Or should I wait until tomorrow and see how she's doing?
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Was she given antibiotics?
Can you call the er and ask what you should do?
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No, she wasn't given antibiotics, only the pill to kill the parasites.

I may try calling an Er, but I don't know if they'll be able to tell if I should bring her or not on the phone because I would have to call some other vet... ours doesn't have an emergency number
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They should have gave her meds for the fever.
My meeko was very sick at 3 months and almost died.
They gave her Antibiotics.
You may have to take her to be on the safe side.
Like you it was late at night when it happened.
She had to stay a week at the vets.
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Yes, now that I think about it, maybe the antibiotics wouldn't have been a bad idea.. I think the vet just didn't want to give her meds without knowing for sure if it was necessary, because other than that, she was fine.

I just called an emergency vet and explained the situation. He said that she is probably fine, and she might have thrown up due to playing after eating, overeating, BUT if she starts getting less active, if she throws up again or has diarrhea to take her in immediatly. I'm going to stay up another hour or two to watch her. She hasn't lost her apetite, I gave her some food and she ate it right away.
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I hope she will be ok.
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Hi everyone Just to leave an update

I checked on her during the night, she was fine. She has also been great during the day, eating, playing, being her usual self. She hasn't vomited again, so last night vomits were probably caused by overeating... my 10year old cat also overeats and pukes it sometimes, and she puked WAY MORE than he usually does when he overeats, just so you can imagine the amount of food she had eaten. Her stools are firm again, so it probably was the kitten milk I was giving her... it was Whiskas, and I read on other forums that there are a lot of kittens who get soft stools and diarrhea when fed this milk. This was all just a huge coincidence that literally made me so nervous I was feeling sick! lol

She has to go to the vet in about 2weeks to get the vaccines, and if she is still running a fever, I'll talk to the vet about it.

Thanks for the help and opinions, everyone
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I am glad she is better.
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