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I hope I'm not speaking too soon, but I think we've reached a kitty truce here!

I just walked into the bedroom 'cuz it was too quiet in there :paranoid3 and not only were Cagney and Lily both on the bed, but Cagney was actually CLEANING her!
Before today, she wouldnt let her get closer than 2 or 3 feet without growling, hissing and even swatting at her! And right now they are both at my feet under the 'puter desk, one on each side, snoozing happily

I guess Cagney decided she'd rather put up with the "little terror" than sleep outside under a car!:laughing2 (she still reeks of motor oil, and I cleaned her up with Baby Wipes) She won't let me bathe her without a visit to the hospital (for me)

So, it looks like we may have harmony after all....I hope!

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Everything's still calm around here...well, as calm as it can be with a 10 week old kitten in the house!

Cagney has accepted her, or should I say she tolerates her? Poor Lily wants to play, so she attacks Cagneys tail. Cagneys contribution to the play session is to flick her tail evry couple seconds...hope she doesn't exhaust herself!:laughing2

They both compete for my attention, and I try to be fair, but I tend to pet Cagney more, just because I don't want her nose to get out of joint, and Lily has such a short attention span she really doesn't seem to care!

Anyway, I think the "break-in" period is over, no fur has flown, but...I'm keeping my fingers crossed!

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Glad everything's working out Cleo. Reminds me of when I brought my second boy home. I have 2, one is 8 and the other is 4. It took awhile, but before I knew it, the older one was bathing the little one and believe it or not around 5 weeks old he started carrying the little guy over to the litter box for me. Even though he is NOT the father, he adopted my little one with no qualms and it sounds to me like you are going to be this lucky as well.

Hope everything goes well. Remember, the little one will probably get on the older ones nerves every once and a while, but my older one usually just gives the little guy a good swat and he'll leave him alone. Every once in a while a little furs gotta fly!
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what great news! i know how you feel, i have 4 cats, 2 girls, 2 boys,
and the boys absolutely detest each other and last night i found
them sleeping side by side! i dont know that i'll ever find them cleaning
one another, but, this is enough for me, if only i had a camera at the

i hope this is the beginning of something and not a one time deal
between your cats
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I too witnessed a truce over the weekend! Kittykitty accepted the kitten (booger) and is now grooming him and alowing him to play with her! Although he does still push the wrong buttons but they are getting along great!
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Oh thats great you guys!!!
I hope the truce's last!!!
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Ash, so glad things are going well with your Kids, all is still good here, and getting better!

Lily tries so hard to get Cagney to play, Cag just tolerated her...until last night! I guess Cagney decided "if ya can't beat 'em, play with 'em" and they rolled on the floor, chased each other around the rooms, up and down the cat tree, and finally collapsed on my bed, curled up and snug!
I couldn't be more thrilled, I had hopes that they'd become pals, but this is more than I would've anticipated...especially after the first 2 days!:LOL:
Hope your kids keep the peace!:afrorainb

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Just got the "baby pics" back today....heres a pic of my girls in an affectionate moment...in between rabid chases through the house (playful, I think).:laughing2
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Ooops..... sorry about the size of this photo...it's 4:30 a.m. and I'm tired

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