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do i post a picture of my babygirl?
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PM on the way
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when i try to put it on here, a window pops up, but there is not thing to put an URL in.. it says, "no such article" and it won't let me post it.
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Welcome to TCS.

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If you need further help figuring out how to post your photos here....
just send a PM to me and we will get this figured out together.
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Hello & welcome to tcs. Glad to have you aboard. Have you got the pics sorted?
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I'm sure you figured this out but if you just put the following in front of, and at the end the URL to your picture it will show in the post.

So, if this is your URL:
PHP Code: 
To get it to show up in your post, you'd do this:
PHP Code:
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Callie's photos are now posted in the Fur Pics lounge...
What a cutie pie.
Below is the link to them.
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