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New Fosters

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I have two new foster kittens, a pale dilute tortie and a dilute red tabby with white. They are around 6/7 weeks and were found in my friend's greenhouse, with no sign of a mamacat for over a week. She would have kept them but her partner said no (they have a dog and another cat) so I am taking them for two weeks. They have bad colds and went to the vet today for treatment, and when they are better will go into the shelter adoption programme. They are both so pretty that I think they will have no trouble finding homes. I will post pix tomorrow when they are a bit more settled.
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Here are some pix of the new ones. It is difficult to get them together as the little grey girl is still nervous and runs under the sofa when she sees me. Her brother on the other hand is already a lovebug, and has attached himself to Ginger Tom.

Here are the kittens

And with Ginger

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Oh look at those little muffins I bet it's lovely having those two running around?

Lots of healthy and adoption coming for them both
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Ginger Tom is not the big tough guy he'd like you to think he is!
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I can't believe it (actually I can, they are both so pretty) but both kittens were adopted this afternoon. I took them to the shelter to be registered and for chipping, worming and vaccinating, thinking I would then bring them home for another couple of weeks, and there were two experienced families there who wanted them. So they have both gone to new homes tonight. I am so happy for them, but Ginger is missing his new playmate. I have put the two older kittens that I am looking after for my daughter in with him, and they seem to be all right together.
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