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How many of you have two or more kitties, do they like or hate eachother?

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Hey guys, I got Bailey around a year and a half ago (November 01). Bailey is a kitty who likes to be by herself and doesn't really like anyone to touch her unless she just woke up and is stretching. Whenever we try to touch her, she gives us an angry 'meow' and gallops away to the other side of the room. The thing is though, she IS ALWAYS in the room where the most people are (except when she is sleeping). She always likes to come and visit with us, but never lie down close to us.

A lot of the time we aren't in the house, so Bailey has to be by herself for hours at a time. I have a bad feeling that she GETS really lonely and bored after a while... which makes me want to get another little kitty.

I've heard from people that sometimes if you get another cat that the two might fight with eachother, and/or hate eachother. This is why I'm so scared to get another kitty... I don't want them to hurt eachother and it would tear my heart out.

How many of you have two or more cats (or did), do they get along? Do they fight at all? Do they play with eachother?

Since you guys read through all that, I'll give you some pictures of Bailey

8 months:

Messing around with my digital camera one day:

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I have five adult Siamese and right now I have 4 baby Siamese kittens,and they all get along.
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looks just like Bailey. I now have 7 adults and 6 kittens. Now my first kitty was VERY mad at me for 3 or 4 weeks for bringing other kitties into HER house. She just sat under my bed every night and growled at me, all night long! LOL
She is still the top cat, and teaching my other kitties all sorts of bad habbits!
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Opie wasn't too thrilled with Rowdy, at first. He plays with her, sometimes. If he gets fed up with her, though, he wallops her and cusses her out and she leaves him alone.

Rowdy and Buddy get along fine. They play, chase and wrestle.

Opie gets enough of both of them and will chase them through the house, running hell-for-leather on three legs, whomping away with a front paw. Cracks me up, to see that oh-so-dignified cat lose his temper!
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Well, I have two kitties. My Little white kitty, Missy was my first one. Spike, was my second kitty. Missy is very prissy She really liked her "princess status", and was shocked when I found/rescued Spike at 4 weeks old. (Missy was also rescued, but from the Shelter) Spike was abandoned and outside, in the cold rain, when I found him. How could I just leave him there??!! (Missy, would answer back then,"Yeah, go ahead, and leave him!!") But she became VERY protective of him, as he was a lot, lot younger than she, so he brought out her "mothering instinct". Now, she just treats him like her annoying kid! hahaha And about 3 weeks before I got Spike neutered, he became REALLY aggressive with her, and that was difficult. But after his surgery, he has settled down pretty much. Although, he can still be a REAL pistol, when he wants to be!!! But, for the most part, they are getting along a lot better now. If he gets really agressive, I do give him a little bit of time by himself (and this gives Missy some time alone too). This seems to work really well, most times. (p.s. Missy sounds like YOUR kitty--pretty much is a "fraidy cat"--and likes us ONLY when SHE wants to spend time with us!
p.s. Bailey is so cute!
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All my guys get along (I have three, all male). Pug can be particular at times about when to pet him and when not to. He used to scratch or bit when he was a kitten when he didn't want attention, but it's pretty rare now.

We adopted Thomas and Pug at the same time, and they were about the same age. They loved each other from the get-go. They played together and slept together.

I got Arutha a little over a month later. He was really young, and sick. I kept him in a separate room for a little while, and made sure I was there to moniter things when he was out for a while after that. At night and when we went out, I put Arutha back in the spare room. It only took a few weeks for the other two to get used to him. At first they jumped on him, but they never hissed or groweled. Pug would jump on him, and then lick him from head to toe.

Now they are all best buddies! They play together, groom each other, and often sleep together. I'm glad my guys have each other around. I don't know how yours will react, but I hope it goes well if you decide to adopt another. Just make sure you make them both feel included. Another trick is to distract them from being agressive towards each other with play. Whip a feather or string around, and make being together fun. Give them treats afterwards. Whenever they look like they are going to be too agressive, just play with them some more. This will help reinforce a positive association with each other.
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I have 2 cats and they get along perfectly, they are from the same litter and have been together since they were born. We've had them for almsot 2 years now and during that time, there has been only 1 fight. My little angels
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I have 10 adult cats and 3 kittens. All of my cats get along except for Peppurr and Majesty. The hate each other so much, they want to kill each other! They are both fixed, but Peppurr still protects his territory. Majesty is female and I have always wondered why Peppurr picks on her so much!
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Oh dear - I must be the only one who voted "no they don't get on..."

This saddens me, I had better seek advice in the Behaviour thread....
My two often have squabbles and tiffs. I hate it. I hope I am not a bad mother!!!
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Bailey is gorgeous!! Love her green eyes

I have two kitties, Onyx and Gibbons. Onyx was an only kitty for a while, and he was so depressed that all he seemed to want to do was sleep I took in a kitten that was being abused in its former home to get it well enough to rehome, and Onyx was so happy to have a friend again we decided to keep the little guy.

We work all day, and my kids are both in school so its good that the kitties have each other for company while we're gone.They adore each other, always snuggling together and playing- Onyx even does the 'momma cat call' when Gibbons is out of his sight to get him to come back (it works every time )

Having said that, I've got to tell you about my moms cat. Krissie was an only kitty for a while and then my mom got her a friend, Deuce, whom she rescued from the Vets office where he was waiting to be put down. Krissie absolutely hates him- hes been there for over a year and she still wants nothing to do with him. I'm not sure if its juts a personality conflict between the two or if Krissie just doesn't like other cats around. They DID learn to tolerate each other being in the same room, but are far from being buddies.

So for the most part I think kitties are happy having another kitty pal around, but maybe some are just more solitary than others and prefer to be alone?
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I have 2 cats (and a dog) who get along... most of the time. The kitten, Elmo can be a real handful when he wants to be, but Kermitte knows how to deal with him. Usually, all she has to do is bowl him over and pin him down!

Elmo tends to pick most of the fights, but Kermitte wins most of them. :
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I have two and they get along pretty well. There are the occassional sqabbled, which are generally because Trent wants to play and Ophelia just isn't into romping like he is. The key is to introduce them properly, and there is a ton of good information here about that. It would also probably work best for your girl to get a kitten so it isn't as much of a threat and may bring out her mothering insticts.
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My 2 kittys get along real well but i wouldnt call them more than friends. Binkys is very active and hoots never wants to play.
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The first few days or weeks are usually the problem. Cats aren't like dogs (as I'm sure you know) - they're territorial, and it takes them a little while before they're willing to share.

But there are several things you can do to make the introduction go more smoothly and less stressfully for all, but it does take some commitment on your part.

But it works!!!!

Here's a link that should help....I'd Like You to Meet....Introducing Cats

We don't have the room to keep cats separated for more than a day, and when we had just one cat and brought in a second, we thought they were trying to kill each other! We would break up any fights that looked serious... but it actually only took a day (they were kittens though) before they became great buddies. It does take cats a little longer, but I've also heard that an older cat will often accept a kitten more readily than a cat of the same age or older, though I don't know if this is true.
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Both of my kitties are inseperable...I don't know what they would do without each other....
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I was a little surprised by the fighting at the beginning... not that there WAS fighting, it was that my shy neurotic kitty was agressive towards the little spitfire I was bringing in. Now they seem to have agreed to ignore each other, though they occasionally bump noses and sniff when they run into each other.
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