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What I plan on making later this week YUM

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I went to the grocery store this morning and bought the stuff to make this, a chicken noodle soup recipe. I've been wanting something like it, but not chicken and dumplings since I made that not too long ago. Hopefully it will turn out yummy. That and it also makes 12 servings so I can freeze some of it and eat on it for lunch when I want to. I probably won't get around to making it until Wednesday night though as we already planned on having pork chops tonight, and tomorrow night the boyfriend and I are both busy with our own things so that leaves it until Wednesday. I'll just dream about chicken noodle soup until then, I guess.
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mmmm...chicken.... I bet your will be enjoying the smell!
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mmm, yummy! I made chicken soup and made my own noodles a few times, it makes all the difference in the world!
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The recipe you linked to is for Baked Bacon-Wrapped Center-Cut Pork Chops not chicken soup.
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That's so weird I copied and pasted this one But that's the soup recipe LOL. I guess the other one was from earlier today when we were trying to figure out how to cook pork chops and I sent the bf that link and I didn't catch it. I blame my laptop!
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I wasn't aware anyone needed a recipe for chicken soup. Usually I just throw things together and it comes out - the same with chili, stew, pepper steak, lasagna, and several other foods. Probably from years of watching my mother and grandmother make these foods.
One of the things that makes chicken soup taste so good is using some bay leaf - which that recipe is missing.

Referring to the other recipe - why does one need to wrap pork in more pork?
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LOL I have no idea why you need to wrap pork in more pork. I didn't make the recipe LOL. I was just trying to find something using center cut bone-in pork chops.

I may have to throw in a bay leaf now that you've said that. I always have stuff like that on hand. I'm actually surprised that it doesn't have poultry seasoning in it. The recipe that is. And I've never made homemade chicken noodle before so I need a recipe LOL. My mom doesn't cook stuff like that so I never really learned how. She's all about quick and easy. Partially why I love cooking so much now. I can make what I want when I want!
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Chicken soup is quick and easy. It doesn't get any easier than using some skinless boneless chicken breast or tenders, leaving them to boil then making someone else cut it and the veggies up. Really though, as far as complicated goes, that isn't. Most of it is just waiting for the carrots to cook.
If you want a thicker soup, add cream of chicken.

If you make extra homemade noodles you can freeze the extra for later use, or if you don't have time to make noodles look in your grocery's freezer section as you can buy homemade style frozen noodles.
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