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OMG SO upset and SO annoyed!!!

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Some of you may know that I am doing a First Diploma Animal Care course at college, and that I need to have a day working at a placement, for example a kennels or a stables.


I had found this reeeeally nice placement at a kennels and cattery. I went for a trial day and got to walk dogs, mess around with cats, groom ponies - and I really enjoyed it. The college was supposed to ring up this placement and sort out insurance details etc...etc. But did they do it? NO! Not for nearly 2 months!

To cut a long story short, eventually my teacher said I could start at my placement tomorrow. In the meantime, I'd sent 3 letters and left 6 messages with this woman at the kennels, saying I still wanted the place, and was still willing to go. So I ring up this woman this afternoon and tell her, and she says...

"Oh. I thought you didn't want it because I had no messages. I gave it to somebody else."

So now I have no placement. I was really upset, as I had wrote 25 letters to different places, 2 people had replied, and that same 2 had let me down.

Now I am angry and very upset!


Sorry this is long. I just needed to vent!!!
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Oh that sounds so very frustrating , sorry honey do not know what to say apart from complain to whoever deals with it!! how terribly annoying !!!


Jess xx
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(TY = thank you )
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Oh how annoying!

I remember when I had to find placements for college, luckily they were only for 2 weeks each but It really sucks having to go to one you don`t want to go to or worse NOT HAVE ONE!

Can`t the college find you something as they screwed up?

Just out of interest, are you at agricultural college? I did 2 years on Equine Studies and it was just the best 2 years ever. Hope your enjoying it all apart from this
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The college would find me another placement, but they will only do that in December

Luckily I have found another place at a kennels and cattery, I just hope that the college will get their act together this time and actually bother to ring up before I lose this one!

And no, it's not an agricultural college. When I'm older I want to work with cats and dogs, even though I love horses. And another reason for me not doing agriculture is that there isn't an agricultural college around where I live

I am enjoying it apart from the amount of breaks we have (up to 3 hours of doing nothing) and some of the peeps in my form aren't exactly pleasant to each other.
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